Sunday 22 March 2015

Finding Happiness through Food

I am a foodie and savoring good food is the ultimate pleasure and source of joy and happiness. There is no bigger source of joy  and happiness than eating and enjoying your favorite food . I have a habit of visiting different restaurants and enjoying their best dishes. This gives me great pleasure. Then after eating so much food arose the need  to burn all those calories that would make me fat  and I discovered the joy of yoga and exercising.I must admit that more than the exercising it was the compliments that I got when I gained a nice figure that made me to become happy and caused me to smile. However my love for food is a never ending one and I thought of spreading happiness and smiles through my cooking. I started cooking cakes and dishes that I would make for friends. This way my indulgence in food has taken a new meaning and I have begun to enjoy food without feeling guilty of putting on a lot of extra calories. As my friends liked and appreciated my cooking I started getting requests for baking for parties and occasions. Now I am getting orders for food nearly every day. Through my food and the art of cooking I have begun to spread happiness and smiles to a lot more people. This spreading of happiness makes me even more happy. The fact that in exchange of all the food that I bake and cook I not only get money but also the satisfaction that I am introducing people to good taste and healthy food. So I take utmost care that I use the best and the freshest ingredients when I cook the food that I make for it is my messenger that would not only fill tummy’s but make people happy. Now that I have discovered the correlation of happiness and food in my case I have thought of spreading it further so every month I cook food and bake a few cakes and take them to share with the under privileged children of the neighborhood. When I see them eagerly devouring all the food that I have made for them and then they sing and dance with joy. These are the celebration of life. The look of happiness on the faces of all these children around me makes me very happy. The feeling  that I could contribute to their lives and bring happiness and joy in their lives has given me more joy and impetus. Now I am determined to spread happiness  as far as possible and make a lot of people happy in this way. For in our lives we face so many ups and downs, highs and lows and its our ability to smile and feel happiness at a difficult time that gives us the strength to keep going on.

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