Sunday 28 March 2021

Holika Dahan


Happy Holi !!!

Like last year this year also there are restrictions on the Holi celebrations due to covid.

Holika Dahan is performed to mark victory of good over evil.

It is beleived that King Hiranyakashyap asked his sister Holika for help, who had a special garment that prevented her from being harmed by fire. She sat on a bonfire with Prahlad, as the fire ignited, the garment flew from Holika and covered Prahlad. Holika was burnt to death, Prahlad came out unharmed.

Vishnu appeared in the form of Narasimha - half human and half lion, at dusk (when it was neither day nor night), took Hiranyakashyap at a doorstep (which was neither indoors nor outdoors), placed him on his lap (which was neither land, water nor air), and then killed the king with his lion claws (which were neither a handheld weapon nor a launched weapon).

Lets pray together that all our evils, ego and bad habits and negativity burn in this holy fire forever. We and our loved ones live a happy and prosperous life.

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Ponk Wadas

Ponk wadas yes....sounds interesting.

Ponk is the fresh Jowar grains and Ponk Wadas are the wadas made with jowar grains. Its the most healthy snacks in Surat. This green tender Jowar (sorghum) grain is available only during winter season in Surat, I have been told. There are numerous stalls specially selling these Ponk wadas there. No I did not travel to Surat for this but a very dear friend of mine specially sent this from Surat to me in Delhi. My friend specially arranged this pack of Ponk (sorghum), which is generally exported. Come lets explore how it was packed as the whole process was educating, exciting and very interesting.

I received it in this cloth bag.

Inside the cloth bag the sorghum were nicely mixed and packed with good quality wheat flour in a paper bag. This keeps the grain fresh and tender.And it can last for few days.

Then I nicely sieved the sorghum and separated the atta and then washed it repeatedly with water until its clean.

After cleaning is done it can be eaten as such (the taste is good) or as bhel or as wadas. Like I made it.And trust me the taste was very special, which I have not tasted before ever. Its simply awesome and delicious. I am blessed to have such a caring friend, Thanks !!!