Monday 23 February 2015

Bura na mano Holi hai

Bura na mano Holi hai

Yes its Holi !!!
Holi Festival Of Colors

Holi (also called Holaka or Phagwa) is an annual festival celebrated on the day after the full moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (early March). It celebrates spring.
Colors are the most joyous part of this festival. Holi is full of life,activity,fun and masti.Its the only day when we see so many cheerful people all around colored from top to bottom.
There are many legends related to holi.But this story is my favorite.When I was a kid my grandmaa (Nani) told me this story.Lord Krishna was jealous of Radha's fair complexion.Naughty young Krishna complained to his mother Yashoda.Then she asked Krishna to apply color on Radha's face and change her complexion according to his choice. Till date, lovers desire to color and be colored by their mates. The application of colors has in a way become an expression of love.
It is believed that Holi is the time when enemies turn friends.
Clouds of colors can be been seen everywhere carrying the message of love and happiness.

I love to play Holi and play with different colors and there is no compromise on the quality of colors and health.
So I choose only Organic India Gulals.
Because they are
-100% Organic
-100% Herbal
-100% Natural
-100% Chemical Free

They are non-irritant and do not produce any kind of skin rash, itching and pimples
The best part of using Organic India holi colors is that it improves skin texture.At the commencement of spring when Holi is celebrated, the change of weather brings with it germs of diseases and playful throwing of colors made of medicinal herbs, keep the germs under control.

ORGANIC INDIA has taken a corrective step by making gulal exclusively with medicinal herbs for rich health benefits without adverse side effects and are not only fragrant and safe but also corrective. These herbal colors have a special fragrance of love in them and are eco-friendly too.

Every color means something special

Red symbolizes fertility, love, beauty and purity.

What Organic India Red Gulal contains
Red Roli Gulal -Contains:

• Sinduria (annatto) seeds – Traditionally used for safe coloring and flavoring of food and beverages. Rich in
antioxidants and is a skin disinfectant.
• Rakt chandan extract (pterocarpus santalinus):  Colorant and traditionally used to have healthy glowing skin.
• Arrowroot powder Base: Base is safe to the extent of being a popular food used worldwide.

Yellow signifies piousness..Its an ingredient of great importance at auspicious functions across religions. It is
perhaps revered more so because of its medicinal use right from the ancient times. Turmeric is used even today for the treatment of inflammatory and digestive disorders.

What Organic India Yellow Gulal contains
Yellow Gulal: Contains:

• Turmeric powder: traditional colorant and used to have healthy glowing skin.
• Arrowroot powder base:  safe to the extent of being a popular food used worldwide.

Blue is the colour of calm and sedateness

What Organic India Blue Gulal contains

Blue Orchid Gulal: Contains:

• Extract of Blue Orchid flowers : Herbal colorant and  healthy for skin
• Extract of jacaranda flowers: Herbal colorant and skin disinfectant.
• Arrowroot powder base: safe to the extent of being a popular food used worldwide.

Pink is the colour of friendliness.

What Organic India Pink Gulal contains
Pink  Gulal: Contains:

• Extract of red roses  : traditional safe colorant and soothing to skin
• Extract of Kasha (bauhivia variegate) : colorant , skin disinfectant, safe to the extent, it is consumed as food in some countries.
• Arrowroot powder base: safe to the extent of being a popular food used worldwide.

So no worries just enjoy Holi and make sure to use only pure and 100% Healthy Organic India Natural Gulal Pack

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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pampers baby dry pants for a good nights sleep

For us adults bedtime is all about hitting the sack tired after a hard day’s work and going to sleep, to get up refreshed and start a fresh day ahead. How ever  when  I became a mother I realized that for a baby there is so much more happening at bedtime than merely going to sleep. As parents we like to shower our baby with love and attention and our little ones indulge in all sort of antics to catch our attention. Bedtime is no different for my baby in our home.The entire day passes by in different activities but the real testing time comes as the night approaches As we adults worn out and tired after a hectic day are just ready to sleep the little one has different plans. It is wide awake after having its share of sleep during the day and is in a playful mood. I am feeling drowsy and try to pat him to sleep but he is in no mood for this. Having failed in catching my attention he starts making strange sounds and moving his tiny arms and legs in rhythm.I know that there was to be no respite for me so I try and cuddle him to sleep but alas this has no effect on him and he plucks at my hair and bringing his face close to mine starts blowing bubbles at me.His naughty antics has me all awake and in fits of laughter.To distract his attention I turn on the battery operated musical chime attached to his bed which glows and revolves accompanied with music. He looks at the toy with interest for a while but soon his interest wears off  and he makes impatient sounds which turn into cries. I realize that it is time to talk to him and do some story telling. So I embark on my task of a story teller and tell him stories about queens and kings, which I had heard in my childhood from my mother. It was a new activity for him and kept him engrossed for some time and then steadily calms him to sleep. Thankfully I close my eyes and doze off. but this peace used to be short lived as I  awoke by the sound of my baby crying. I used to pick him up to realize that the sheet was wet, and the culprit for causing him discomfort. I was perplexed and wondered as to what to do so that my child be spared this discomfiture and have a night’s sleep without any interruption. Then Pampers baby dry pants came to my mind and I started using it to ensure a good night’s sleep for my baby. It is just the right choice as it keeps my baby completely dry with no wetness either inside or outside. Now I can rest assured knowing that I have taken the right step for my little baby by adding the pamper dry pants. It has baby lotion to keep the skin soft and moisturized.It can absorb up to 5 glasses of fluid to keep the baby dry pant in a dry condition both from the inside and outside for up to 10 hours. The night time ritual for my baby remains the same with the addition of 1 pamper baby dry pant = 1 nights good sleep.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Five Steps To Life Befikar

I am a person who lives from salary to salary. I believe in living within my budget and saving for the future. In the process of implementing this theory into practice a lot of my wishes remain unfulfilled and that I postpone for a future date in the hope that at some point in my life I would have enough money and resources to make these wishes a reality. As a result I have a long list of wishes that I have in my list.I am talking about the bucket list of my wishes.
My first wish is to have buckets full of money,  that is lump sum money that makes me feel not only rich but also secure. I have seen and experienced the therapeutic value of money on every first day of the month when I get my salary I simply feel on top of the world and I feel that I can buy anything and every thing. It brings with it a certain warmth and sense of well being This feeling is short lived and with each passing day diminishes as the month draws to an end. My buying power is greatly reduced and my only silver lining is the first of the coming month. So I wish to have lump sum money which will give me a sense of richness.
My second wish is to have a big house of my own. I have spent most of my career in transferable jobs It is my ardent desire to have a house which I can call as my home, fitted with all the luxuries and amenities, which has a garden where I can fulfill my desire of having a kitchen garden as well as a front lawn with lush green grass where I can relax after a hard day’s work.
My third wish is to own a luxury car which will not only enhance my status but will also be my style statement. At present I am a commuter who rushes to catch either the bus or the train every morning and evening. On holidays I have to rely on autos for moving about the city. With my own car I would be able to move at my own convenience.
My fourth wish is to see the world that too not on a shoe string budget. I want to travel but money constraints do not permit me to enjoy this luxury. I can only wistfully read about people’s travel tales or read the advertisements offering tourist attractions as an incentive to attract people to buy tickets. Alas this is not for me as even after the stringiest of budgeting I never seem to have the surplus funds required for such a luxury like a foreign travel and exploring the world seems to be a distant dream for me at least. So I want to have funds with which I can enjoy going on a world tour without scrimping and travel in style, in the best class and stay at the best hotels.
My fifth wish is to lead a retired life in the same style without having to make compromises on luxuries and amenities. To be able to provide to my family the best of everything and provide for them even when I am no longer with them.So I want to live a life #BefikarUmarBhar

My Love My Hair

I always got compliments for my long and healthy hair.Everyone asked me the secret behind this.There was a time when I was very proud of my hair.I thought this would never change but as pollution level is going up so are my tensions at home and office.Lack of good food,sleep and new challenges are reflecting in the way my hair now looks like.My hair have thinned.They have lost the shine and glamour.split ends,lifeless hair have added to my list of concern.I want my good healthy,shining hair back again.I want one simple solution which can help me face the day to day challenges of pollution as well as where I can try new hair styles and colors without the fear of hair damage and breakage.I got the Garnier Fructis strengthrning shampoo and conditioner.Its a very attractive bottle with refreshing fragrance.It says Triple nutrition of coconut,almond and olive oil.I think its what I need for my hair.A complete solution.

Sunday 15 February 2015

ASUS Zenfone My Dream Valentine

The ASUS Zenfone powered by the Intel Atom processor is my perfect valentine as I am drawn by its processing power and performance thanks to the Intel Atom 2520 processor.


It comes with the assurance that it would deliver the high performance without compromising on the battery life. I love the balance of power and performance thanks to the long battery life offered due to the energy efficient Intel Atom processor so I can continue talking on phone,playing games or watching movies for a long time without the fear of the battery running out.This makes it my valentine who would always keep me entertained and  good humored without getting tired or experiencing battery drain.


I am a person who likes change and.I like to experiment with colors and styles.The ASUS Zenfone comes with interchangeable color case options so I can change a new color everyday.The colorful ceramic touch cases will enhance my style quotient and compliment my style.This color customizing feature makes me attracted to this phone and makes it the perfect choice as my valentine.


I am a multitasker and like everything to be fast.The dual sim, dual standby feature of the ASUS ZenFone is designed to support a network speed of 42 MBPS DC-HSPA+ so that I can watch HD vidoes streaming without waiting for them to buffer or browse the internet at lightning speeds.This would also enable me to work and connect to my office even when I am outside or checkout my personal mails and social media in a jiffy while I am in the office.Thus I would be able to organize my personal and professional life better and do more with my personal time.


I am simply bowled over by the 13 MP HD camera which is supported by the Intel Atom processor.With this camera I can capture all the party moments and my travel experiences.It comes in conjunction with a 6 inch HD display to play back video and provide enticing gaming experience thanks to its amazing graphics.I would love to take lots of still pictures as well.


With the high quality five element optical formula lens which has large photo receptors and wide aperture F/2.0 lens this will ensure that more light gets in enabling each photo that I click to be more detailed and better lit It has excellent image quality.With pixel master this smart phone produces professional quality photos and even novices like me can take pictures that would make even professionals proud of the results.

I love high tech features in phones however I tend to lose my way when it comes to using these high tech gizmos but not with the ASUS ZenFone.The ZenUI uses the latest technology and presents an easy to navigate menu and access to all the features of the phone so instead of spending time in figuring out how to use which feature I can focus on the feature that I have to access for this I cant thank enough the intelligence technology built in to the ZenUI of the ASUS Zenfone.It looks like that me and the ASUS Zenfone are made for each other and together with the bumper that is present to protect the phone against any fall our relationship is destined for a long innings.

One can buy the ASUS ZenFone Here

#UnconditionalLove Advert

Sunday 1 February 2015

Why I love Quikr Nxt Chat

I am a shopaholic. I am the first to try new products among my family and friends. Whatever new product is launched in the market “I must have it” is my motto. Whether its a new dress, a new range of jewellery, a new power saving LED TV, or a new smartphone, there is no end to my shopping list that I intend to buy or end up buying. Now I have so many products that I have no  space left to keep them .My mother has given me an ultimatum to make space or else she would not allow me to buy anything new. Such a notice would surely sound the death knell for an ardent shopping lover like me. So I decided to sell all my old stuff on and now its my favorite place to buy and sell.

Being a working girl.Its not easy to manage selling or buying specially selling to unknown people and strangers. I am thankful to for introducing the Quikr Nxt chat service

Whats this?

Its a fantastic tool just like  Aladdin's lamp. Now I can buy and sell products over chat without any hassle.
Before this tool I always hesitated sharing my mobile number/contact number with strangers but now with Quikr Nxt chat tool I need not share my number with anyone .Quikr Nxt assures complete number privacy. 

Just interact with the buyers via chat anytime and anywhere. Now I can chat while traveling, or when I am in a meeting or at home. When I am out of city or abroad even then I can chat without spending a penny. I can now be a multi-tasker thanks to this facility. Earlier when I used to connect with prospective buyers I could speak to only one person at a time so the phone used to keep ringing the whole day and I ended up wasting so much time and repeating myself over and over again and this put a lot of strain on my throat and communicating with so many people became a nightmare. With the Quikr Nxt chat feature I can chat with multiple people at the same time it saves both time and money for both the buyer and the seller.
This has given me wings and I am feeling liberated. Wow what a feeling.

The best part is that  I can keep  track of all the past chat sessions  and in a glance decide which buyer or seller to finalise. I no longer have to keep records manually or burden my mind with all the past conversations. Quikr is so famous that one gets so many calls and its not easy to maintain a record so with the Qukr Nxt chat feature  communicating with multiple Quikr users becomes a hassle free experience. 

There is no limit to sharing photographs of the product, so while chatting with the prospective buyer I can take him or her through the minutest details of the product, sharing different (each and every angle) of the product making me and my prospective buyer happy and confident. It also helps the prospective buyer in making up his/her mind about the final decision of buying. It's a virtual market place where I can showcase my best products and get the best price.

No doubt With Quikr NXT 

Defining My Mom My Superwoman

My Mom My Superwoman
My Mother is the person whom I admire the most for she has a never say die spirit. Whatever and however big the adversity she is always up for a challenge.She is a true multitasker who constantly keeps reinventing herself and learning new skills and updating both her knowledge and skill set to face any new challenge and convert it  to an opportunity. I have seen her playing many different roles like that of a daughter, a wife a sister and a working professional. She constantly juggles these two complex conflicting ,demanding realms of personal domestic life and her professional career. I have seen her do this day in day out without a complaint. So many times I wonder from where she gets this energy and the resolve to deal with so many different issues, demands and expectations. Even on holidays when she is not working she is still doing the full time role and fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law and is always ready to help whoever comes to her,she is always there for them.

I have begun to see her in the role of a superman. A Lot of times I ask her that though she eats the same things as we the rest of the family does then from where does she get her tireless energy . To this she unassumingly says its our love that keeps her going. I have seen her work in different departments of her office. She has faced so many challenges and opposition in her male dominated work environment that had I been in her place I would have quit long time ago. However she is not a quitter, she has the habit of holding her ground and approach every task that comes her way with full integrity and diligence.She is a firm believer in what Kabir Ji said “karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmati hoth Sujaanrasri aavat jaat se, pathar par pade nisaan” In her career she has always excelled due to her hard work and perseverance and whenever in her pursuit to excel and rise she faces a glass ceiling. She worked with a harder resolve and determination. Her faith and determination to stand for what she believes in has stood like a rock and in front of this Everest like zeal to excel, many glass ceilings have crumbled.
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I am a girl AND

I am a girl AND....
When I passed out of college there was pressure on me to get married. I asked why and the reply I got was that because I am a girl so I should be married off as soon as possible . However I told my parents that what if I am a girl I am also an independent person AND want to continue my higher education. They thought that I would opt for some short term course but I had set my eyes on doing an MBA. There was some reluctance from my parent’s side that I being a girl should not go away from home for doing a MBA course. To this my stand was that yes I am their daughter AND soon I would also be an MBA. During my MBA course it was widely prevalent that girls should take up HR as a specialization. However I showed my reluctance to take up HR as my Major. Instead I did a double specialization in IT and Marketing , both being male oriented fields. Here again the stand I took was that I want to do an MBA AND I have an interest in both IT and Marketing. The Councilors and my batch mates tried to discourage me saying that I would not get a good placement with such a choice of majors. However I was adamant and determined. I ended up topping my class and at the time of campus placement I was the only one from my batch who got placed with an IT company that too with a very good pay package. Then one day in office I saw a circular about an inter-office cricket tournament. It was a call for giving names for the trials for the team selection. When I sent in my name my boss called me and told me that it was not possible. This is a cricket team how can I apply being a girl. I put forward the point that nowhere was it written in the circular  that it would be an all men's team. I had a valid point . Yet my boss was convinced that I could not play so he told me that first I had to get selected in the trials. However his facial expression said that he had written me off and the trial would only  validate his point. On the day of the trial I did quite well . I was the one who bowled out my boss besides the top four batsmen with my off spin bowling. Everyone was impressed and my boss asked me  how did I manage it, you are only a girl to which my answer was yes I am a girl AND I have also played cricket at the school and college level. Being a girl I have realized that we have to always extend our boundaries and explore new horizon’s. We can achieve anything that we set our eyes upon as long as we are ready to take up new roles and responsibilities and are not tied down by the labels that others give us.

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