Sunday 15 February 2015

ASUS Zenfone My Dream Valentine

The ASUS Zenfone powered by the Intel Atom processor is my perfect valentine as I am drawn by its processing power and performance thanks to the Intel Atom 2520 processor.


It comes with the assurance that it would deliver the high performance without compromising on the battery life. I love the balance of power and performance thanks to the long battery life offered due to the energy efficient Intel Atom processor so I can continue talking on phone,playing games or watching movies for a long time without the fear of the battery running out.This makes it my valentine who would always keep me entertained and  good humored without getting tired or experiencing battery drain.


I am a person who likes change and.I like to experiment with colors and styles.The ASUS Zenfone comes with interchangeable color case options so I can change a new color everyday.The colorful ceramic touch cases will enhance my style quotient and compliment my style.This color customizing feature makes me attracted to this phone and makes it the perfect choice as my valentine.


I am a multitasker and like everything to be fast.The dual sim, dual standby feature of the ASUS ZenFone is designed to support a network speed of 42 MBPS DC-HSPA+ so that I can watch HD vidoes streaming without waiting for them to buffer or browse the internet at lightning speeds.This would also enable me to work and connect to my office even when I am outside or checkout my personal mails and social media in a jiffy while I am in the office.Thus I would be able to organize my personal and professional life better and do more with my personal time.


I am simply bowled over by the 13 MP HD camera which is supported by the Intel Atom processor.With this camera I can capture all the party moments and my travel experiences.It comes in conjunction with a 6 inch HD display to play back video and provide enticing gaming experience thanks to its amazing graphics.I would love to take lots of still pictures as well.


With the high quality five element optical formula lens which has large photo receptors and wide aperture F/2.0 lens this will ensure that more light gets in enabling each photo that I click to be more detailed and better lit It has excellent image quality.With pixel master this smart phone produces professional quality photos and even novices like me can take pictures that would make even professionals proud of the results.

I love high tech features in phones however I tend to lose my way when it comes to using these high tech gizmos but not with the ASUS ZenFone.The ZenUI uses the latest technology and presents an easy to navigate menu and access to all the features of the phone so instead of spending time in figuring out how to use which feature I can focus on the feature that I have to access for this I cant thank enough the intelligence technology built in to the ZenUI of the ASUS Zenfone.It looks like that me and the ASUS Zenfone are made for each other and together with the bumper that is present to protect the phone against any fall our relationship is destined for a long innings.

One can buy the ASUS ZenFone Here

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