Sunday 1 February 2015

I am a girl AND

I am a girl AND....
When I passed out of college there was pressure on me to get married. I asked why and the reply I got was that because I am a girl so I should be married off as soon as possible . However I told my parents that what if I am a girl I am also an independent person AND want to continue my higher education. They thought that I would opt for some short term course but I had set my eyes on doing an MBA. There was some reluctance from my parent’s side that I being a girl should not go away from home for doing a MBA course. To this my stand was that yes I am their daughter AND soon I would also be an MBA. During my MBA course it was widely prevalent that girls should take up HR as a specialization. However I showed my reluctance to take up HR as my Major. Instead I did a double specialization in IT and Marketing , both being male oriented fields. Here again the stand I took was that I want to do an MBA AND I have an interest in both IT and Marketing. The Councilors and my batch mates tried to discourage me saying that I would not get a good placement with such a choice of majors. However I was adamant and determined. I ended up topping my class and at the time of campus placement I was the only one from my batch who got placed with an IT company that too with a very good pay package. Then one day in office I saw a circular about an inter-office cricket tournament. It was a call for giving names for the trials for the team selection. When I sent in my name my boss called me and told me that it was not possible. This is a cricket team how can I apply being a girl. I put forward the point that nowhere was it written in the circular  that it would be an all men's team. I had a valid point . Yet my boss was convinced that I could not play so he told me that first I had to get selected in the trials. However his facial expression said that he had written me off and the trial would only  validate his point. On the day of the trial I did quite well . I was the one who bowled out my boss besides the top four batsmen with my off spin bowling. Everyone was impressed and my boss asked me  how did I manage it, you are only a girl to which my answer was yes I am a girl AND I have also played cricket at the school and college level. Being a girl I have realized that we have to always extend our boundaries and explore new horizon’s. We can achieve anything that we set our eyes upon as long as we are ready to take up new roles and responsibilities and are not tied down by the labels that others give us.

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