Tuesday 23 June 2015

A hug to thank my dad my Pillar of Strength

My father is the dearest and the world's Best Papa. My dad has always been a source of great inspiration to me, like a lighthouse to ships, always guiding me and giving me hope in my times of need. The greatest lesson I have learned from my dad is that all of us must believe in our self.
Believe that God is always there to guide us, believe that by enriching ourselves now, we can help the enrichment and betterment of others in the future, and finally, believe that by passing forward any goodness we receive, we can make the world a better place, little by little. The most important thing I’ve learned from my dad is that we
are blessed and privileged to have all the comforts we are experiencing today. We may not be a super-rich family, or we may not have things other friends have, but we’re thankful for all the gifts we have received and are
content with life. I learned not to compare our lives with other people because that’s other people’s business. He taught me to live happily because life’s too short to have tears and problems. My dad consistently prioritizes serving our needs before his own. I used to think it was really his job as my father to provide what I want, until I realized he was actually doing that because of his love and sacrifice. After understanding this, I now truly appreciate everything he has been doing for his family. I really do feel very lucky and thankful to have him as my father. ”What I love about my father is his simplicity. He has a heart of gold, and is a true gentleman. Its not that simple to express my feeling about my dad in few words. I share an enviable bond with my dad that is simply inseparable & our love grows stronger with time. I consider my father, an ideal person in my life. My dad is an ordinary guy with extraordinary fortitude, perseverance, altruistic soul & a kind heart. He is the most hardworking person who came up in life beating all odds. He always live his life with vigor & zest and even today at age of 65 he is living his life with
full youthfulness one can hardly imagine. For me he is always my pillar of support & strength, someone who is just a thought away when I need him. He is not much good in expressing himself in words but he always makes a way to communicate his thoughts. I just want my Dad to be the same always and never change as he is simply the best. The best gift I can think of for him is a loving hug.

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A loving hug a thankyou gift for my dad

My father is my role model and my hero. The guiding star of my life that held my finger and showed me the path of knowledge and life, I am very lucky to have you as my father. Thanks for everything .I love you so very much. I miss you terribly, like a desert misses the rain. Love you a lot papa. He is the soul of our family. He taught me to never give up in life. He helped me with my math’s lessons with so much patience. He never scolded me when I repeatedly made same mistakes. He made me do the sums again and again till I was perfect and corrected my mistake. He said I should keep trying till I get success in life also. These words are still fresh in my mind. He always taught me to choose the right path in life and never allowed us to be negative in our thoughts. My father is not only my teacher, my friend, my guide and my sarthi like Krishna. I could not have got anyone better than him in my life. I am blessed to have the most wonderful dad in the world. Having a father like you while growing up was the greatest gift and biggest advantage anyone could ever have given me. It is because of the confidence and values that you instilled in me that made me who I am today. Thank you for shaping me into a person who I like and am proud to be. My father said "If you have the ambition, drive and creativity you can do anything and achieve anything in life.”You have given me so much that even if I thank you million times that would not be enough. He is the person who taught me about etiquettes, humanity and ethics. He is a very loving and dutiful person. I have learnt a lot from his life and his experiences. When I was a kid I used to wait for him at the main door and exactly at 7 pm he used to ring the bell. I welcomed him with open arms. Those were the best moments of my life. He used to hug me and then took out chocolates, fruits, beautiful toys, picture books, clothes, shoes and other required stationeries for study. He always brought a new surprise gift for me and used to ask me to guess as to what he had got for me that day. It was so much fun. My father lived a very active life. He said that one should remain fit and active till the last breath. He used to play badminton on weekends with me. He also cooked a meal or took us to lunch or dinner on weekends. Those were real magical times. He took us to different locations for picnics and vacations. He is the best father one can have and I want to give him the best hug he has ever got.

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Sunday 21 June 2015

Bad odor proof the house with Ambipur

My home is my fort where I retire after a hard day at work. Though I take a lot of care to maintain a clean home and have a person assigned to do the cleaning of the house and attend to other household chores. However there wages another war that can often miss the eye .yet there are quite a few tell tale signs that are quite evident to the nose. For instance the house maid that comes to clean and look after the house has a very strange smelling presence. If I were to call it a perfume or a deodorant it would be an insult to the entire perfume, deo and the fragrance industry. I have tried to give her better smelling products in the hope that she would use them and make my home more bearable in her presence. However she refuses to endorse my choice of perfumes and continues to use and patronize her brand that makes my entire household smell of her strong smelling deo that has the tendency of tickling my nostrils into uncontrolled bouts of sneezing. Even though
I have tried to absent myself from my home when she is around however the sad part it that even after she has left the smell of her perfumes stays back for many hours and emanates from every room that she has been cleaning that is my entire house.
The only reason that I have not asked her firmly enough to change her deo is because of the fear that a domestic maid or the kamwali bai is so hard to come by these day so my battle of bearing with the odor she brings to my house continues.
Like every house my home has its fair share of curtains, upholstery and tapestry .Though on one side they enhance the beauty and livability of my home by enhancing  the comfort and beauty quotient but all these fabrics are strangely enough strong odor magnets that easy absorb all the odors emanating from the kitchen like that of spices ,garlic and onions. Even the area around the dining table constantly smell of the mango pickle through out the year and makes me feel as if I am part of the home pickle industry.
The bathrooms in my apartment block are built one on top of another and they seem to have a structure that is so prone to seepage which is always present after every few months and ever after getting it repaired a damp and stale smell persists.
The window outside my bedroom opens in the direction of a garbage disposal unit so invariably when the breeze blows into my bedroom it carries with it the smell of rotting and decomposing garbage.
So various battle fronts are constantly open where I and my family members battle a constant war with bad odors. In fact our family is constantly at the mercy of odor’s that inundate my home through various windows and every possible nook and corner. Since these odors are varied and never fail to torment us and embarrass us we try to find solutions to tackle these various odors.
However recently I have discovered a new weapon in my fight against the bad odors at home .It is a fool proof weapon that carpet bombs the enemy that is bad odor and wherever it may be hiding it finds it and annihilates it. The name of the weapon is Ambi pur and it is designed to deal with every possible kind of smell in the household. It not just kills the bad odor present in the house but also makes sure that it makes my house my fragrantly smelling home.
The best part about Ambi pur is that it comes in a number of fragrances and gives me ample option to choose a fragrance that I like. So be it a fragrance to set the part mood or to set a relaxing atmosphere or to get into a romantic mood Ambi pur has a fragrance for every occasion.
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Saturday 20 June 2015

From musty to heavenly

Home my sweet home. I love my home. I do each and everything to make it beautiful and attractive. I keep changing the interiors. My efforts are always appreciated and I have received many compliments for my sense of decorating and my fashion sense for keeping the interiors of my home updated. I am a typical Virgo who is a die hard worker and a great stickler for hygiene. Bad odor is a big challenge for me. We live in apartments where my neighbors cook non vegetarian food. The smell of the food being cooked comes directly into my sweet home. We are pure vegetarians and we find it difficult to tolerate this smell. I find it quite difficult to adjust my senses. I do not have any grievance against my neighbor as it is an important part of their diet. What I call as a bad odor is a heavenly aroma for them. The only problem is that once that smell permeates my home it spreads to every nook and corner. On top of that the smell does not leave our house for days. I have tried different tips and room fresheners but all the solutions miserably failed as the odor over powers these fragrances. I feel disheartened and helpless. I have tried dadi maa's nuskhas to every product available in the market. I buy fresh flowers everyday and decorate them in each corner of the house to make my home feel fresh but all my efforts are in vain.
Another bad odor which makes me miserable is when the clothes don’t get enough sunlight and they smell especially during the monsoons. Due to excessive rains we have to dry our clothes indoors which make the room and our clothes smell bad, damp and moist a smell which is simply unbearable .We again make all efforts to make our home and clothes feel fresh and fragrant. We try different perfumes, sprays but again the same story. All the efforts are temporary. Except for these testing times our home is heaven. During the monsoon time even our guests and relatives avoid us and make excuses for not visiting our home. Its frustrating .Recently one of my friends came to visit me and she showed her discomfort and complained of this horrible odor with which we have been living for so many months. I felt so embarrassed and unhappy. Seeing my teary eyes she took me to a coffee shop as it was unbearable to sit and chat in my home. Over a cup of coffee she suggested that I use the Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. She told me about its Unique Odor Fighting Ingredients which eliminates Malodors by its Innovative Propellant System and keeps the room Fresh and Fragrant
now it was time to Bid goodbye to the bad odor around the house by this Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. It has Stronger and more efficient ingredients which work in order to fight all bad odors and leave my home smelling much more pleasant and calming.I now agree that Ambi Pur Air Effects doesn't just cover odors ,it completely removes them.
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Sunday 14 June 2015

Refreshing Maxfresh release for all

I am sitting yet again in that boring classroom, half sleepy with my head nodding off
as sleep tries to dominate. The teacher is going about a boring lesson.
I am sitting at the back bench and day dreaming
We are in the middle of the summer months and its hot and humid.
Outside the birds are chirping and the koel  is singing on the mango trees.
Announcing that the mangoes are ready to be plucked and eaten.
However they are far and much higher and beyond my reach just as the time for the holidays is far away. Till then I have to wait and endure the mundane and boring life. However everything could transform if even for a day Allu Arjun could be our teacher and instead of this boring lecture teach me and my classmates the cool electric moves that he shows on the big screen.
No dance is complete without music and I must confess that there are very
few musicians and singers who could match and compliment the high speed
and high energy dance performance of Allu Arjun. For the artist who would be the perfect for such a scintillating performance would be the high energy singer Anushka Manchanda. She has both the high repertoire of notes and the energy to sustain
 a long and power packed dance routine deftly executed to perfection by Allu Arjun.
I can't wait to see the excitement on the faces of my school mates on seeing this transformation. I am keen to see if they would be more excited to see the dance performance of Allu Arjun and experience the electrifying singing of Anushka Manchanda or the fact that they are getting a break from the mundane and ordinary routine of school life that has such an energy sapping effect on the poor students like me. The interlude of such an entertaining event in the school can have a catalytic effect on all the students as dancing and singing is the best way to shrug of the monotony and the boredom. The new found energy that would flow through the body and minds of the students would only act as a catalyst in recharging the students and help them focus better on the task at hand. The freshness and the novelty of this experience would help us take a plunge into the spring of freshness and act as a source of inspiration and propel us to live our life with fun and enjoyment.
After all we do need a break from the ordinary and dancing and singing only helps us unlock our trapped emotions. It lets the spirit of the untamed energy of life run through our veins and helps us live life to the max, with max energy, vitality and the desire to live up to every #MaxFreshMove  moment of life.

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In celebration of your Max life

Routine life is so boring. I am not frustrated with life. I am not disappointed with my life the problem is that it's just too normal. Doing the same things every day has robbed my life of all the freshness.  I don’t remember what happened yesterday or two days before. It’s not a problem with my memory. It’s just that because of the same routine of a boring life I lose track of the moments that make up my day, I am not able to remember the happenings of the day as there is no excitement or freshness. Routine life is less adventurous, less exciting and less interesting.

Life is generally summarized into these phases – it starts with the period of growing up, completing ones  education and then getting a job, getting married, then having children and settling down. A monotonous life not only makes our life dull but also uninteresting. I feel my life to be dull and as a consequence I feel miserable and with a reduced zest for life. This is influencing my life, my relationships, my thinking, my outlook, career growth is being adversely affected and as a result it makes me feel depressed.

Laughter is the best medicine. Creativity can break this monotony of routine that is clogging my life. Real joy comes in flowing in to our life from doing small things and enjoying small pleasures. Life is too short and one should enjoy every moment of it. It’s in our hand how to turn our life into joy, peaceful, successful and happy. It’s rightly said that variety is the spice of life. I am a great fan of Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice. So I use this magic in my imagination and turn my dull routine work at office into fun. It would be simply great if suddenly Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda appeared on the scene and charged the dull office atmosphere with their electrifying performance. This pleasant change would not only bring in a gust of freshness but also charge our drooping spirits with a new energy. We would feel greatly energized and ready to start work afresh with a renewed vigor and energy. All my co workers would be tapping their toes with Allu Arjuns moves and humming with Anushkas magical voice.
Now our life is full of freshness. The icing on the cake would be the gyrations of our pot bellied boss who would come out of his cabin to join the excitement. On seeing him groove would be the most energizing part of the situation as he is a person who always maintains a stiff upper lip and is a cause of great stress for all the employees. This would be a great stress buster for us and we would be completely recharged with a new #MaxFreshMove  for  a dose of fresh energy.

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