Sunday 14 June 2015

Refreshing Maxfresh release for all

I am sitting yet again in that boring classroom, half sleepy with my head nodding off
as sleep tries to dominate. The teacher is going about a boring lesson.
I am sitting at the back bench and day dreaming
We are in the middle of the summer months and its hot and humid.
Outside the birds are chirping and the koel  is singing on the mango trees.
Announcing that the mangoes are ready to be plucked and eaten.
However they are far and much higher and beyond my reach just as the time for the holidays is far away. Till then I have to wait and endure the mundane and boring life. However everything could transform if even for a day Allu Arjun could be our teacher and instead of this boring lecture teach me and my classmates the cool electric moves that he shows on the big screen.
No dance is complete without music and I must confess that there are very
few musicians and singers who could match and compliment the high speed
and high energy dance performance of Allu Arjun. For the artist who would be the perfect for such a scintillating performance would be the high energy singer Anushka Manchanda. She has both the high repertoire of notes and the energy to sustain
 a long and power packed dance routine deftly executed to perfection by Allu Arjun.
I can't wait to see the excitement on the faces of my school mates on seeing this transformation. I am keen to see if they would be more excited to see the dance performance of Allu Arjun and experience the electrifying singing of Anushka Manchanda or the fact that they are getting a break from the mundane and ordinary routine of school life that has such an energy sapping effect on the poor students like me. The interlude of such an entertaining event in the school can have a catalytic effect on all the students as dancing and singing is the best way to shrug of the monotony and the boredom. The new found energy that would flow through the body and minds of the students would only act as a catalyst in recharging the students and help them focus better on the task at hand. The freshness and the novelty of this experience would help us take a plunge into the spring of freshness and act as a source of inspiration and propel us to live our life with fun and enjoyment.
After all we do need a break from the ordinary and dancing and singing only helps us unlock our trapped emotions. It lets the spirit of the untamed energy of life run through our veins and helps us live life to the max, with max energy, vitality and the desire to live up to every #MaxFreshMove  moment of life.

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