Sunday 21 June 2015

Bad odor proof the house with Ambipur

My home is my fort where I retire after a hard day at work. Though I take a lot of care to maintain a clean home and have a person assigned to do the cleaning of the house and attend to other household chores. However there wages another war that can often miss the eye .yet there are quite a few tell tale signs that are quite evident to the nose. For instance the house maid that comes to clean and look after the house has a very strange smelling presence. If I were to call it a perfume or a deodorant it would be an insult to the entire perfume, deo and the fragrance industry. I have tried to give her better smelling products in the hope that she would use them and make my home more bearable in her presence. However she refuses to endorse my choice of perfumes and continues to use and patronize her brand that makes my entire household smell of her strong smelling deo that has the tendency of tickling my nostrils into uncontrolled bouts of sneezing. Even though
I have tried to absent myself from my home when she is around however the sad part it that even after she has left the smell of her perfumes stays back for many hours and emanates from every room that she has been cleaning that is my entire house.
The only reason that I have not asked her firmly enough to change her deo is because of the fear that a domestic maid or the kamwali bai is so hard to come by these day so my battle of bearing with the odor she brings to my house continues.
Like every house my home has its fair share of curtains, upholstery and tapestry .Though on one side they enhance the beauty and livability of my home by enhancing  the comfort and beauty quotient but all these fabrics are strangely enough strong odor magnets that easy absorb all the odors emanating from the kitchen like that of spices ,garlic and onions. Even the area around the dining table constantly smell of the mango pickle through out the year and makes me feel as if I am part of the home pickle industry.
The bathrooms in my apartment block are built one on top of another and they seem to have a structure that is so prone to seepage which is always present after every few months and ever after getting it repaired a damp and stale smell persists.
The window outside my bedroom opens in the direction of a garbage disposal unit so invariably when the breeze blows into my bedroom it carries with it the smell of rotting and decomposing garbage.
So various battle fronts are constantly open where I and my family members battle a constant war with bad odors. In fact our family is constantly at the mercy of odor’s that inundate my home through various windows and every possible nook and corner. Since these odors are varied and never fail to torment us and embarrass us we try to find solutions to tackle these various odors.
However recently I have discovered a new weapon in my fight against the bad odors at home .It is a fool proof weapon that carpet bombs the enemy that is bad odor and wherever it may be hiding it finds it and annihilates it. The name of the weapon is Ambi pur and it is designed to deal with every possible kind of smell in the household. It not just kills the bad odor present in the house but also makes sure that it makes my house my fragrantly smelling home.
The best part about Ambi pur is that it comes in a number of fragrances and gives me ample option to choose a fragrance that I like. So be it a fragrance to set the part mood or to set a relaxing atmosphere or to get into a romantic mood Ambi pur has a fragrance for every occasion.
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