Thursday, 21 March 2019

Happy Holi !!!

Happy Holi !!!

I wish All, the most colorful holi.

Be Safe and enjoy.

I had a fantastic time yesterday at Holi dahan. There was a cultural program followed by flower holi. I played holi with natural flowers with my family.It was a wonderful experience.

Then we enjoyed mouthful of juicy gujiyas and thandai.It was so much fun.

Come lets Play Holi - Phoolon Ki Holi Radha Aur Krishna ke Sang

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tea Treats

Hello Friends, I am back again with a review of a wonderful product.Its ideal for gifting.It has a attractive packaging and healthy contents.

I was wondering what to gift my Aunt on her 60th birthday.She is an elegant lady with rich taste.It was quite a challenge but I was greatly relieved when I found this Fantastic Tea Treats from TEA-A-ME.

It has a selection of signature TE-A-ME teas elegantly presented in a premium gift pack of 54 tea bags in a selection of 9 flavors.

- Green Tea
- Honey Lemon Green
- Kashmiri Kahwa
- Tulsi Green
- Cranberry Apple Infusion
- Cinnamon Apple Infusion
- Chamomile Infusion
- Orange Ginger
- Strawberry Cream

Key Benefits :- 

Rich in antioxidants
Boosts immunity
Relieve stress

each tea bag is beautifully marked as follows

Honey Lemon Green - renew
Tulsi Green - restore
Green Tea - purity
Strawberry Cream - celebrate
Orange Ginger - rejuvenate
Kashmiri Kahwa - uplift
Cranberry Apple Infusion - cheer
Cinnamon Apple Infusion - embrace
Chamomile Infusion - umwind

Its rightly said Explore.Discover.Experience.

A Tea for every Me true indeed.

This selection has everything one tea lover needs.My Aunt loved it so do I.

For just Rs. 396 this makes an ideal choice for gifting.

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Yes you guessed it right Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge is my weekly hangout spot. Located in GK 1 M Block Market,Delhi this lounge is just not a meeting spot but a paradise for foodies like me.

The ambiance is so visually rich that one gets hardly bored, so much to explore.See it for yourself.

comfy seating

There are so many flavors of tea available like Masala Tea etc.But its just not about tea but also a variety of mouth watering food.

There is so much of variety that ordering one item was not enough so I decided to try a few.

And This Bread Pakoda is just amazing and each comes with a unique chutney or sauce.Its simply irresistible.

That is not all one can also buy different teas here.

No doubt this received so many awards

Feeling hungry !!!
Rush now to your nearest Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge its worth it.

patatas bravas “our way” crispy potato wedges

This is tempting .................. Yummy

This is patatas bravas “our way” crispy potato wedges which was my latest discovery. Its topped with spicy pisto & cheese. Its very very delicious.
Beer cafe is not only for beer lovers but for foodies too.
Cool ambiance and friendly staff makes it my choice of a hangout in South Delhi.

This place is for one and all.

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Wild Raspberry

Epigamia Greek Yogurt Wild Raspberry

I am always looking for healthy alternatives to satisfy my hunger when on the go.With limited options its always a challenge to stop myself from consuming junk foods.I was once discussing with my friend who also complained of the same.When the hunger strikes fruits or other alternatives do not work, we crave for rich delicious food and no compromises and then after consuming them feel guilty.

Two days back after  my meeting in a mall in Delhi when I was hunting for a healthy alternative I came across this Epigamia Greek Yogurt.I selected the Wild Raspberry.

I wanted to know how its made and then I visited their website and found this

ref :

This explains all.Well now we know about it Lets open our pack and enjoy !!!

Its perfect.All natural.No preservatives.Low Fat.High Protein.Creamier and thick.The taste is extremely delicious.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Unusal Twist

My friends know me as a complete foodie.I like to try different places and try different food. Recently I visited Barcelos, Saket. The ambiance is spectacular with enough space for a quiet evening or a professional meeting. The food and beverage is a complete treat for a foodie like me.Two things fascinated me the most here.The Black Burger.Yes you heard it right its totally black,No its not burnt my friend its completely black and its delicious.Once you have this black beauty yourself you will forget all other ones.See it for yourself

Now when you are convinced.There is more that will surprise you, one can select so many side dishes along with this burger.I selected the french fries.I bet that its one of the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted till now.In case you are not in a mood for this then other variants like the regular burger is also available, which is equally delicious.

And now coming to the second most interesting aspect is the story.

According to the legend of Barcelos it tells the story of a dead rooster's miraculous intervention in proving the innocence of a man who had been falsely accused and sentenced to death.
 There was a town named Barcelos in Portugal.A passenger was passing by that town.He was accused of stealing.Soldiers caught him and put him in prison.They took him in front of the judge who was actually about to eat a rooster in his dinner.The passenger appealed that "I am innocent".Judge said that he will only believe him if the rooster in his plate will get up and crow.Within no time the rooster in his plate got up and crowed heartily. The passenger was released.

Interesting story indeed.I can hardly wait for my next visit  to  Barcelos. Its a perfect place with a fusion of delicious,mouthwatering food,warm hospitality and inviting ambiance.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

My First Love

I love to travel, which is also my first love.I think I am a wanderer by nature.My family has rooted me to my home otherwise I would have been a nomadic.I love to explore new places,food and cultures.Countries are classified by boundaries.Visa obligations is another hindrance.Unlimited paperwork takes up most of the fun and time.

Sometimes I wonder if there is more to explore.

Before we explore the destination on earth I always like a small kid love to explore the cloud world. I always insist for window seat on my flights.Its my hobby to see the clouds for unlimited time while others sleep or watch movies or listen to music.Even on long haul flights I prefer to stay awake and see nature at its best.Some scenes are spell binding just magnificent.

Now thinking back to how this love for clouds started I remember when I was a little kid I was afraid to fly.But then my mother beautifully turned my fear to my passion.She showed me different formation of clouds and the colorful rays of light.These fascinated me and now I love to fly and excitedly wait to explore the new heights. No camera can capture the beauty of the nature.Its a feast for the eyes.

Unfortunately I don't have the pictures but in memory the beautiful sights of nature at its best is still fresh.It seems as if God himself is painting a canvas and experimenting with different colors and hues.Sometimes I felt may be I would be able to sight some magical land,fairies or some form of life in between the white feathery clouds.

I hope I get more such opportunities to experience the charisma of God.