Monday 11 September 2023

Butterflies: Transformation, Hope

 Butterfly generally seen as a positive symbols of transformation, hope, new beginnings, beauty, and spirituality.

I am a nature lover and butterflies attract me that's why I selected this ICED OUT BUTTERFLY PENDANT for my birthday on 9th September this year.

this product comes with a 2mm x 20inch silver plated tennis chain

The Iced Out Silver Butterfly Pendant is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that features a beautifully crafted butterfly design that’s intricately detailed and adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia crystals. The pendant has a striking silver color finish that adds a bold and edgy touch to the design .The butterfly symbolizes transformation, growth, and beauty, making it a meaningful accessory for those who appreciate the power of personal growth and self-expression. The Iced Out silver Butterfly Pendant is a versatile accessory that can be worn on any occasion, from casual outings to formal events. It’s a perfect statement piece that adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.

Butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures that have symbolized transformation, hope, and new beginnings for centuries. The butterfly is seen as a messenger of good luck and joy.

The butterfly can help you to let go of the past and move on with your life. When you let go of the past, you free yourself up to create a new and better future.

If you are drawn to the butterfly, it is a sign that you are ready to embark on a journey of transformation.

The butterfly totem animal can offer you guidance and support along the way. Embrace the change, let go of the past, be creative, and be compassionate. When you do these things, you will be able to soar to new heights in your life.

In Chinese culture, butterflies are often seen as symbols of love. The Chinese term for butterfly (Hu Die) sounds like "together" (hudi). As a result, butterflies are often seen as bringing people together, whether in a relationship or friendship.

The butterfly is also associated with joy and happiness. In some cases, the butterfly can also be seen as a symbol of good luck. 

In Hinduism, the butterfly symbolizes the soul and represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar and then emerges as a beautiful butterfly from its cocoon. This transformation represents the journey of the soul through different stages of life.

The butterfly also symbolizes Krishna, one of the most popular Hindu gods. Krishna is known for his playful nature and love of music and dance. He is often depicted surrounded by butterflies. For Hindus, the butterfly reminds us that even though life may be full of ups and downs, our soul will ultimately find its way to paradise.

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Sunday 11 June 2023

The Wonders of Theni Herbe...






Thank you soooo much Theniherbe team for sending me this cute little hamper for mothers day.

This has a mini heatpad,mini borosil cup,aura oil and magic vathana, packed in a cute bag

Im so excited to try these two new products specially the Magic Vathana which is a foam free face cleanser which makes the skin healthy and glowing.

No chemicals only herbal.

It has anti oxidant properties based on ancient recipe and its amazing. 

I recommend it a must try.

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Aura Oil - key Ingredients Pudina ka phool, Thymol and Cinnamomum Camphora is great in giving instant relief to joint pain, headache and muscle ache and pain.


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Wednesday 3 May 2023

Perfect way to Enjoy - Ice Creammmmm!!!

Ice cream is everyone's favorite irrespective of weather, occasion or mood.It always brings happiness, pleasure and smiles.

To thank Indra Dev for the awesome weather in Delhi.

Such a refreshing beautiful, fresh air and coolness which is so rare in the month of May.

I love it so much!!!

Feel like wrapping myself in a blanket and enjoy Ice cream.And secondly its my brother's birthday month so I ordered a few flavors of my favorite NIC Ice cream.My friends know that Madagascar chocolate is my all time favorite.

Its so yummy
- No added preservatives

- Made with organic milk

- Use Finest ingredients

- All fruits are hand-picked, manually cleaned, and are only used whole

- Variety of Flavors with over 50+ flavors

- Tender Coconut, Alphonso Mango, Dry Fruit Overload, Roasted Almonds to international flavors such as Mediterranean Sea Salted Caramel, Madagascar Chocolate, French Vanilla, and those inspired by Indian sweetmeats such as Gulab Jamun, Sheer Khurma, Til Gud, and Gajar Halwa, to name a few.

- No artificial flavors, no coloring agents and zero preservatives

All ingredients are hand-picked, the fruits are manually cleaned and whole fruits are used in production. That’s the reason they are 'Handcrafted Ice Creams’. Since there are no preservatives, the shelf life of the product is just 45 days (Once at home, finishes quickly, as loved by all).

They have been awarded prestigious rising brand of Asia 2021-22 (Ice Cream Category)

They have 16 Parlors in 86 Cities and 250 Pickup Points

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Saturday 22 April 2023

Knock Knock Mr Sun!!!


Thank you so much for so many messages.I miss you too guys , thanks for showering so much love through messages. I was busy with other commitments so I could not do any posts here but I was regular on my instagram so in case you are not following me there, do connect.

Heat is on !!! 


Mangoes,watermelon and fresh juices and endless juicy cold options to enjoy this summer.

We need to take care of our loved ones and the birds,animals and people working outside in the sun so whenever someone rings your house bell offer them something to drink, make sure its at room temperature or mild cold like lemon water or fruit juice etc so that they are hydrated.

Keep a bowl of clean water for birds and also for stray dogs and cats.We all deserve this much humanity.Whenever you come back from the heat outside or even when outside drink lemon water at frequent intervals.Wear a cap and carry an umbrella.I remember my Nana and Nani always covered their head with a cap or pallu and carried an umbrella.It makes sense.Its a must. Protect yourself as a top priority.

Heat stroke is a silent killer.Last year my best friend fainted in her office due to heat stroke.When we are indoors in air conditioned rooms we think we are safe from heat and neglect the water intake so dear friends do take good care this summer.

Its the time to enjoy the thunda thunda cool cool fresh fruits, fresh lime water or whatever you like , just enjoy.Remember enjoy Life to the fullest and live in the present moment.

How to know what are the symptoms and what can we do in case of Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion,Heat Cramps,Sunburn and Heat Rash........Well I am listing down all the symptoms and precautions which we can make note of in our mind, so share with your friends too.....

 Heat Stroke

-High Body temperature

-Hot,red and dry skin




-Passing Out 

Bring the person to cooler place.Try to lower the temperature with a cool cloth.Under these conditions immediately consult a doctor,Its a medical emergency.DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO DRINK to a unconscious person.

Heat Exhaustion

-Heavy sweating

-Cold,pale skin

-Fast,weak pulse


-Muscle Cramp



-Passing out

Then move the person to a cool place,loosen their clothes.Make them take a little sip of water,lemon water etc and immediately consult a doctor.

 Heat Cramps

-Heavy sweating and muscle pain

Move to a cool place and stop all physical activity.Drink water and relax.Get medical help.

Sun Burn

-Painful red skin

-Blisters on skin

Don't go out in the sun till it heals.Put a cool cloth on the red area.Keep the skin moisturized.Always apply the sun screen lotion before going out in summers.

Heat Rash

-Red clusters like pimples on skin

Stay in cool place keep the rash dry and apply any powder.

Rising temperature,depleting natural resources is alarming. We need everyday - Earth Day – a day that reminds us of our responsibility for our planet and how important it is to protect it.

Before I wrap up today do enjoy this video where a parrot visited my friends house early morning and knocked on their window.My friend made a tent cover with a cloth and clips to protect him from the heat and fed it with grapes and water which he accepted happily and flew away in the evening......

Tuesday 30 August 2022

Ganpati Bappa Morya


Chaturthi Tithi Begins - 03:33 PM on Aug 30, 2022
Chaturthi Tithi Ends - 03:22 PM on Aug 31, 2022

Time to avoid Moon sighting - 03:33 PM to 08:40 PM, Aug 30
Duration - 05 Hours 07 Mins
Time to avoid Moon sighting - 09:26 AM to 09:11 PM
Duration - 11 Hours 44 Mins

Ganesha Visarjan on Friday, September 9, 2022

I pray that whosoever is reading this Ganesha bestows you with happiness, wisdom, good health and prosperity! May Lord Ganesha always remove obstacles from your life.

I always get excited for this festival as my two most favourite festivals Janamashtmi and Ganesh Chaturthi falls just before my birthday and it makes me feel very special.Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrating the annual arrival of the God Ganesha (Ganesh) to earth from his celestial abode.The festival ends on the tenth day after start, when the idol is carried in a public procession with music and group chanting, then immersed in a nearby body of water such as a river or sea, called visarjan.Now eco friendly idols are made which are not harmful to the environment.The festival celebrates Ganesha as the God of New Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles as well as the god of wisdom and intelligence.Ganesh Chaturthi marks the birth of Lord Ganesha who removes obstacles and is the giver of wealth and wisdom, many people believe it to be a mark of new beginnings and opportunities.It is widely believed that Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated for the first time when the Satavahana, Rashtrakuta, and the Chalukya dynasties ruled between 271 B.C. and 1190 A.D.

Wednesday 24 November 2021

How To Check If Your Water Is Fit to Drink.....

TDS (“Total Dissolved Solids”) meters measure the electrical conductivity of water. Pure water is a poor conductor, but dissolved solids carry a distinct electrical charge that correlates directly to TDS levels. The greater the charge — the higher the level of dissolved solids. It’s the quickest way to get a feel of what in your water.

This TDS meter is ideal for all water purification applications, thus to check whether your water filter is doing its job right and when to change the filter. It is very easy to use; all you need to do is to put it in the water and test.

Some water purifiers come with inbuilt TDS meters to monitor the level often.But in case you dont have you can buy it here :

- Auto-off function which turns it off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
- Package Contains: TDS METER & CARRY CASE
Its very simple to use
1. Turn on TDS Meter, the temperature function can be used, in or out of liquid.
2. Press TEMP button.
3. The display will switch to temperature (in Celsius only).
4. To return to TDS mode, press the TEMP button

TDS Meter with printed manual

Open this lower cap and switch it on

On switching on one can see 000

After immersing in the water it shows the TDS level of water here in this case its showing 170 which is less than 500 so its acceptable.

TDS Level (mg/l)Rating
Less than 300Excellent
Above 1200Unacceptable

Quick results tells you about the water/solution in a way which is easy to read and understand from the large display screen.


So buy your own TDS Meter here which is not very costly and ensure the safety of your family's health in a easy way.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Aao Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye.....


The biggest festival of Hindus Diwali, which we excitedly wait for the whole year to come.All houses decorated with lights, rangoli and toran gives it a special touch. And not to forget different mithai/sweets and food. I specially love home made besan ladoos, kupdi, mathi, Gujiya's made by my mom and also the Ghari, which many of us dont know in North India as its a speciality from Gujurat specially made in this season only.




Besan Ladoos

Kesar Badam Pista Ghari made from milk, sugar, elaichi, kesar, almonds, pistachios, nuts, gram flour, wheat flour, ghee

The entrance of the house is decorated with toran (hanging of Ashoka or Mango leaves).It is considered extremely auspicious as it is believed that it keeps the evil spirits and negative energy at a bay. It is also believed that tying the leaves can make the house owner's desires come true.Green color of the leaves is so soothing and refreshing to the mind which helps to lower anxiety.Air is purified when it is filtered through the leaves.Green leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This helps in keeping the surrounding atmosphere clean and hygienic. 

Toran made from Ashoka Leaves

Ashoka is a Sanskrit word which means “without sorrow”or Tree of Happiness. The tree is acclaimed as woman-friendly as it can drive away all the pain and sorrow of the woman through its capability of gifting good health.

The Ashoka tree is worshipped in the Chaitra month, the first month of the Hindu calendar by Hindus. In Ramayana, Sita Mata was brought to Ashoka Vatika, Lanka by Ravana. Lord Hanuman first met Sita Mata in Ashoka Vatika, the garden of Ashoka trees.

Astrology has great significance of Ashoka tree:

 - The tree takes away the pain and sorrow of the individual and brings name, fame, and prosperity in    his/her life.   

- Ashoka tree is used to solve the money problem, marriage problem and minimize Mangal dosha and to perform spiritual practices.

 - Remedial Solutions for the individuals who are facing money problem is to grow Ashoka tree in the garden of the house and pour water daily. 

- Bring the roots of the tree on Sunday and do Abhishek of Gangajal on the roots. After that, the roots should be kept in a safe place. By doing so the way of success gets open for individuals.

- Another powerful tip from Expert Astrologers to solve marriage problems is to bring 7 leaves of the Ashoka tree and keep it in the temple of the house and sprinkle sandal water on it. The leaves have to be kept under the Peepal tree on the next day. After this, you need to bring another seven leaves. This process has to be continued for 40 days. By doing this you would probably see the change in your married  life or the problem of delay in marriage can be resolved.

- Offering the bark of the Ashoka tree to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday would likely minimize Mangal Dosha present in the Janampatri of an individual.

 - You are likely to see success in life if you chant mantra sitting in the east direction under the Ashoka tree.

 - If you light a ghee lamp under this tree, it is likely to attract good health and wealth in your life.
You would have a positive atmosphere in the house by hanging the Toran of the Ashoka leaves on the main door. This is why the Toran of Ashoka leaves is hung on the main door of the house before performing puja or during the auspicious ceremony.

Diwali 2021 will be observed on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

Deepavali Lagna Puja on Thursday, November 4, 2021
Vrishchika Lagna Muhurat (morning) - 07:36 AM to 09:55 AM
Duration - 02 Hours 19 Mins

Kumbha Lagna Muhurat (afternoon) - 01:41 PM to 03:08 PM
Duration - 01 Hour 27 Mins

Vrishabha Lagna Muhurat (evening) - 06:09 PM to 08:04 PM
Duration - 01 Hour 56 Mins

Simha Lagna Muhurat (midnight) - 12:39 AM to 02:44 AM, Nov 05
Duration - 02 Hours 05 Mins

Amavasya Tithi Begins - 06:03 AM on Nov 04, 2021
Amavasya Tithi Ends - 02:44 AM on Nov 05, 2021

Vrishchika Lagna (Scorpio) - Vrishchika Lagna prevails during early morning on Diwali. Lakshmi Puja during Vrishchika Lagna is most suitable for temples, hospitals, hotels, schools and colleges.

Kumbha Lagna (Aquarius) - Kumbha Lagna prevails during afternoon on Diwali. Lakshmi Puja during Kumbha Lagna is suitable for sick people, people in debt, those who want to get rid of bad influence of Lord Shani, those who are losing money in business and have accrued huge debt in business.

Vrishabha Lagna (Taurus) - Vrishabha Lagna prevails during evening on Diwali. Lakshmi Puja during Vrishabha Lagna is the most suitable time for those who stay in family, married, having kids, salaried and businessmen engaged in all sorts of work. This is the most significant Muhurta for Lakshmi Puja on Diwali.

Simha Lagna (Leo) - Simha Lagna prevails during mid-night on Diwali. Lakshmi Puja during Simha Lagna is the most suitable time to appease Goddess Lakshmi for hermits, saints, world renouncers and Tantrik communit

So blow away your Covid blues and lighten up your life this Diwali.

Wish you all happy and prosperous Diwali !!!