Friday 13 November 2020

Shubh Deepawali

 Happy Diwali to All




Wishing You & Your family A Happy & Healthy Diwali And New Year

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One interesting fact about Diwali - In Nepal people worship dog on Diwali its called Kukur Tihar,They shower them with flowers,tilak and gulal.It is said that during Mahabharata when Yudhistra lost his brothers and wife, but the loyal dog followed him till the gate. Then Yudhishtira refused to enter heaven without the dog.

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Tuesday 3 November 2020

Dekho Chand Aaya.......

 There are so many songs based on the moon.No doubt because Moon plays an important role in our lives.Apart from being the part of this universe and being compared to the sweethearts of the romeos.Moon has prominent importance on Sharad Purnima and then Karwachauth.

Karwachauth is celebrated in North India.While we all wait for the moon to appear from behind the clouds.On earth all married ladies dress up in finest clothes and jewellery and look like newly married brides.It wont be wrong to say that the beauty salons make the most money on this day as all want to look their best on this day or rather I should say on this night.

This year Karwachauth is on Wednesday,November 4, 2020.Puja Mahurat is 05:34 PM to 06:52 PM.Moonrise is 8:12 PM.

A day before karwachauth ladies and their husband are seen on chaat papdi shops and seen enjoying endless plates of chaat papdi,bhalla and tikki.Ladies apply mehendi on their hands and feet.They look dazzling.They do Nirjala Vrat meaning no food and water the whole day.But the glow on their face is worth a look.They do this vrat and puja for the long life of their husband.Nowadays some couples keep fast for each other. Ladies get up early before sunrise and eat their sargi sweets and snacks which is given by their mother-in-law. Then keep fast (vrat) and then after performing puja at night after seeing moon their break their fast.They keep doing all their daily chores without any complaints. Naari shakti indeed, no doubt. Every ritual has its own significance. I have seen my mom doing this puja for so many years and we kids loved every part of it.We got so many good things to eat.

Mom take a vessel filled with water, tie  a red sacred thread (mauli) on it and keeps roli chawal on top of it.She do the manasana of this.Pray to Karwa Mata Devi.And then wait for the moon rise which is the most difficult time.I remember we as kids used to run to the terrace at least 20-25 times to check if moon has appeared.

Then mom takes her prepared thali which contains that water filled vessel, mathi usually in 4/7 quantity, gulgula which is made from flour,sugar or gur, diya(lamp),sieve.Mom offers water from that vessel to the Moon.offer the prasad the mathi and gulgula.And sees the moon six ways - Through a sieve, through her pallu,through the mathi with a hole which is specially prepared, through a gulgula with a hole again specially prepared,in the light of the diya and then with naked eyes.

Then after performing this puja the husbands offer water and prasad to their wife with their hands.The whole process is cute and romantic.Then the elders of the family recite the Karwachauth story to everybody telling how a lady after praying to karwa maa and keeping the fast on this day brought back the life of her husband.

I am a modern girl but I truly believe in these rituals and customs and I think there is a reason behind everything. I read somewhere Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God's word, and trust the process.

Wishing all  a  very Happy Karwachauth 2020