Friday 27 December 2019

Goodbye 19 Welcome 20

Hi , Warm wishes to everyone.Keep yourself wrapped well from the freezing cold.I know many of us are busy deciding on what to wear for the New Year's eve party or thinking of what should be the resolution for 2020.December is truly the month of excess parties and social events in full swing.Keep yourself hydrated and drink enough water. I am getting all sorts of messages like 2020 is going to pass very soon as its 20-20 well honestly I dont want that.New Year comes and go and we all face new challeneges in everyday life.We learn our lessons with each passing year.Life is strange and its short.We always aspire for the things we dont have and when we get it, we are not satisfied and start looking for something else.Its a common feature and nature of all human beings.2019 was a mix of slowdown of economy,pollution,climate change,political climax and struggles, challenges of everyday life. With each new year we expect new things.

I too have expectations from 2020 lets see what happens next. I am looking forward to watch Emma and James Bond movie No time To Die expected to release on 8th April 2020. Its a start of a new decade and we are all excited.2020 could bring about a lot of changes in our attitude towards life; some for the good and some that may yet need working upon. One must  make room for growth, both spiritually and physically.Understand each other better and do not leave room for miscommunication this year. Try new things and dont be afraid to experiment.If you're usually a red lipstick girl, picking out a spunky purple shade from the box can brighten up your day. If you always have English Breakfast tea, give a chance to try a refreshing peppermint flavour. You can try a vial of a scent you've never tried before, or break into a new soap or hand cream every day. 

Try to balance your life.Budget your finances well.Distribute your earnings in such way that you save and spend on things that you want to try, dont leave anything for future.There is no future, only present matters the most.Spend your time with loved ones, make them happy, remember their birthdays, special days and make it special.Create new memories, love yourself , dont compare with others we all are unique.We are God creations and God is perfect then how can his creation be wrong or imperfect.

My wish list for 2020 is I want to travel a lot and visit places that I always wanted to see.I wish to make new friends.Learn new things.I want to learn new languages, improve my camera skills, and be happy with whatever I get. Spend quality and happy times with my family and friends.I wish peace and economic stability in my country as well as worldwide.Say no to plastic, conserve nature,maintain peace and create harmony.

On this note I end my last post of 2019 and I hope and wish all my blog followers and readers to shower me love, care and support in 2020 and coming years as you have done this year and in last years.If you have any suggestions on topics that you want me to blog on do feel to drop a line below I would be more than happy and try my best to include it asap.

Good Bye 2019 and Big Thanks for all the good things you gave us this Year.
Welcome 2020 😍