Friday 27 January 2017

Warmth of Relationships

This video beautifully depicts how the coldness between siblings is easily repaired with the magic of warmth. Love is present in every moment, the only thing missing is your attention to it. These moments are just as possible with a casual acquaintance or a stranger.Magical moments are everywhere.Every moment is simply an opportunity to nurture your heart,warm your soul and elevate your happiness. Relationships are made up of both happy and dull moments. Life is very strange.When we meet people we generally make opinions about them.but then our opinions change.
After completing my school I got admission in a college which was far away from my hometown.I had spent my entire life with my family in Delhi.I had never gone away alone.Now going to Chennai for studies was a golden chance as only few were selected for this course on fashion.I mustered my strength and courage and reached the destination.There was a vast difference of culture, food and language between the two cities which I realised as soon as I stepped in the train to Chennai.I bid good bye to my parents with a heavy heart at the railway station and settled myself in the train.The train was jam packed.As soon as the train left the platform.I felt vulnerable and unsure of myself.Fears gripped me and thoughts of uncertainities made me doubtful of myself.Tears filled my eyes and to avoid unwanted attention from myfellow passengers I looked out of the window.After some time when I felt calm I observed my fellow passengers.Just opposite to me sat a lady who was in her late forties.She looked stern, strict and was not friendly at all.I smiled at her but she did not smile back.Next to her was a family with small kids and I felt at home in their presence.The journey passed with ease due to the friendly chit chat with this family but the stranger opposite me sat aloof.
 I reached my college premises.A hostel room was allotted to me.This was a new beginning for me.I was nervous as well as excited at the same time.While I was checking the room and its facilities.The rooms door opened and the same stranger who was in my train entered my room.I came to know from my college classmates that she is a professor who will be teaching us and due to the shortage of rooms in the hostel she was given a room to be shared with me.All my hopes and happiness vanished.I was hopeful that I would be able to share my fears and queries with my fellow room mate and would be able to feel at ease.But instead I had to share the room with a stern and unfriendly teacher.The food of the hostel was completely different and I was not able to relish it as compared to my home food.I felt it hard to adjust myself and wished the time would fly and my session to end soon.The city was beautiful but the language and the food made me nervous.The Professor was always stern, never smiled and I made up my mind that she did not like me at all.I lost weight and the pressure of studies made me more nervous and helpless.I felt helpless and disappointed.
One dayI woke up with a very high fever.When I opened my eyes I saw my Professor with a worried face changing the cold cloth on my forehead.I tried to speak and began to sit but she insisted that I should take rest and she made me drink hot soup.I remained like this for 2-3 days and she like a good friend skipped her classes and looked after me.When I was well I thanked her and for the first time she accepted my thanks with a broad smile.She packed her bag and told me that she has now got another room so she is leaving.Since then and till now we are good friends.
Relationships are formed with a word of understanding,care and warmth and such moments are cherished for ever.

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