Sunday, 21 June 2020

De-stress yourself

De-stress yourself in the difficult times of COVID

COVID has brought with it fear,confusion and a state of
uncertainty.It is affecting our power to think.As a result
there are arguments and disagreements which in turn are
spoiling our peace.We feel confined and locked in and we
feel trapped.
We need to escape from this feeling and the best way is to
do Shavasana.
Place a mat on the floor and lie down on your back.Keep
your arms out stretched.
Now start relaxing your body parts from toe to
head.Stretching and letting loose your toes,thighs,hips
arms and head.This will release the body tension and make
you relaxed and at peace.This can be done whenever you feel
the need to relax.It can be done on the bed too.
Happy Relaxing

Friday, 12 June 2020

How To Make That Perfect Cup Of Tea

The evergreen elixir for that calm feeling and relaxation.
The aroma is simply heavenly and every sip a pleasure.
Now the trick for making that perfect cup.

Take a cup of water in a pot and bring it to a boil.Add 2 tsp of tea leaves. cover the pot and remove from heat.Now heat a little milk.
Now strain the tea water in a cup and add milk to it nearly 1 tbsp.
Add sugar per taste and you are ready to sip your tea.

Destress yourself in the difficult times of COVID

Monday, 8 June 2020

With Love From Goa

Its almost three months of lock down and covid 19 mayhem.I feel life has become more mundane and hectic.We need to look after the house, our office work and need time to worry about our future.

What I miss the most is my first Love, i.e. Travel.

I have been to Goa many times as I love to travel and I fell in love with it again and again.People remember it for parties. But for me Goa is Known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, heritage buildings, laidback lifestyle, and its food, Goa is a popular destination for the tourist and the adventure seeker alike.Goa is the only place where I feel anything and everything is cool.People are simple. Its a blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

I feel peaceful and relaxed there with simplicity and nature.

Goa's beauty always mesmerize me

Lalit Hotel Goa

Lalit Hotel Goa

There is another thing which fascinates me about Goa is that its the hometown of Remo Fernandes.
Remo all time hit songs
Movie Bombay "Humma Humma"
        Pyar To Hona Hi Tha "Pyar To Hona Hi Tha"
        Jalwa "Dekho Dekho Yeh Hai Jalwa"

We started our trip on 22nd spetember 2008.We covered all the places we had planned for.I still remember it was the last day of our trip of Goa it was 27th September 2008.We reached the Goa airport.My mom asked me if I was happy with my trip and all my shopping is done.I told her everything went well only one wish is still unfulfilled.I did not meet Remo Fernandes, I researched and went to all the places where I could possibly meet him.As soon as I spoke these very words we saw Remo coming towards us, it was unbelievable.This has never happened before that my wish was heard by God so fast.I could not believe my eyes and I was glued to where I was standing.He was going to Bangalore with his troupe to perform.He was so near me just standing next to me.I excitedly said Hi to him and told him I was just taking your name and you are in front of me.He gave me his autograph.Unfortunately I did not have a mobile phone or digital camera during those days so could not take clicks but the memory is still etched in my heart.

Remo you rock.Your voice refreshes my mind,body and soul ...Pyaar to hona hi tha..............

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lend Me The Wings

As a little child I used to wave to all the planes, I saw.I always wondered how it feels to fly.Can I touch the clouds.Will I be able to see God's house on the way and many other fantasies.I still remember my first air travel which was unplanned and was destined unexpectedly.I had given my 10th board exams and my family took me to a North East trip where we explored Sikkim,Darjeeling and then from Siliguri we were supposed to take a train back to Delhi.When we reached the railway station to our utter disappointment we found that the train we were supposed to board was cancelled.My worried parents inquired about the next possible train connection and were very disappointed as for months there were no train bookings available.The only way possible was to travel separately on different dates and time, first to Kolkata and then to Delhi.We are a family of four and we children (Me & my brother were kids). It was a challenge to reach our home destination together.There were no travel assistants like makemytrip etc to help and plan.My father quickly made inquiries and we were told to try our luck next day at the airport.My mother quickly checked her purse and was relieved to see she had enough money of her savings to take a flight home back.

Next day we took a early morning taxi to the empty airport as were told that tickets are given on first come first basis.The counters were closed.It was a small airport and not much of a hustle and bustle.I sat there and wondered if all the airports look the same.Anyway people came and took their boarding pass and my father stood glued to the counter with hopeful eyes wishing that the lady behind the counter will issue us the tickets.She told us the plane is almost full.Only if there would be any cancellation we had a chance.We waited and waited and waited.At last when there was only few minutes left for the flight to take off we were given the tickets.So my first journey was not an exciting one.The beginning was not as I had hoped it to be.Our luggage was quickly scanned and we rushed to board the plane.It was a small Indian Airline Plane standing all alone.When we entered the plane the air hostess greeted us and we were given the very last seats near the toilet.The journey was not perfect.There were turbulence and I felt it to be a nightmare, with pain in the ears and felt uneasy.This is when I realized that I was air sick.With teary eyes I asked mom if  it is always like this when we fly.My mom who had traveled a lot and many times flew domestically and internationally assured me that its always not like this.She told me so much about her experiences with different airlines and destinations that my love for flying once again became strong.I was determined to fly again that too soon.I kept asking mom when will we fly next and where are we would be going to next.

My mom took me to Switzerland, my first international flight and since then till today the list is endless and I don't even remember the number of times I have flown in an aeroplane.Each and every trip is unique and I learn something new each time.I get excited every time.I still get air sick for which I take medicine and sweat my palms but nothing deters me from flying as it gives me ultimate happiness and the journey itself is a kind of relaxing vacation for me.Seeing the clouds and tiny boxes like houses fascinate me.Like every year, this year also we planned a trip and this time to Germany in 2020 but covid 19 pandemic has spoiled our plans.I am disappointed but not without hope.

After the Lockdown 4.0 the government has given the nod to reopen the domestic airlines but with strict guidelines.
If you've been missing the freedom of your old life and struggling with this "new normal," you are not alone. The future feels more uncertain than ever.It's time to let go of an old cycle and welcome a new one.In India Air fares are capped for three months.Web check in, face mask and Aarogya Setu approval is a must.

Here are some of the basic rules and it may wary so kindly check with your respective airlines 
 1. Bring your gloves and masks for every flight
2. Online Check-in services are currently unavailable
3. Arrive at the airport 4 hours before your flight
4. Do not bring hand luggage for your flight
5. Expect thermal screening and other COVID tests
6. Maintain social distancing throughout the flight
 7. Bring your sanitizer

Today many of the parks have also opened after the lockdown in Delhi.Children below 10 years and senior citizens above 65 years are not allowed.Only walking tracks can be used.Yoga,open gyms activities are not allowed.Mandatory masks,arogya setu app is mandatory to get entry to parks.

Lets pray we soon get back to our normal lives and win over Covid 19 forever.

Monday, 27 April 2020


This is how its looks like in my lane where I live in Delhi

Past - In day time, on week days there used to be no cars and only maids were seen active.
Present - lane is full of cars, streets deserted
Future - Everything will get back to same once lockdown is over.People will be seen rushing to work.Only maids and drivers would be seen in my colony.

Past - Families lived together.Usually two generations lived, fought,loved each other but together.Ladies of the house managed the house and children and waited for their husband in the evenings to return from their work, went to picnics on weekends and it was fun.
Present - I live in a posh colony of Delhi.And at present the scenario is Many Parents are living alone, its a fashion to send their children abroad in the name of higher studies and good prospects where they create their own lives and families.Neither the parents nor the children have the patience nor time to live together anymore.Parents proudly share their stories and tell others that their children are in USA and living a grand life but in reality they are alone from inside but human ego is such that neither of them wants to change their habits for each other.Now in this period of lock down they are all alone without anyone to care for them.No social life except video chats.Is it worrying or just fine.Its debatable.The reality is we don't have any patience or rather we don't want to compromise for anybody we all are financialy independent and have ego issues.And now when a boys family search for a bride their first question is how much does a girl earn??? Huh??? is it a criteria. I am still confused on that part and when somebody asks me I get perturbed because I am looking for a life partner and not doing an investment.In the name of women empowerment we ladies are being exploited.There are three broad categories of women a)Very successful,powerful but their family life is zero b)Those who handover their salaries to their husband and in-laws and do all household work , well their success rate is better c) The third poor housewives who are being questioned by their families as to what do they do for their family.Is managing a house  not a full time job that too without a salary well again its a very debatable topic, some may agree and some may not.But yes I can say for myself I am looking for a good person who respects me as an individual and who is willing to share his life with me, open heartedly.Who is ready to walk with me hand in hand as we together explore the ups and downs of this journey called life.
Future - I don't know really.Maybe all will get back to the same.

Past - Fashion was limited.Simple living.
Present - Fashion unlimited but due to the lock down we are adopting to essential habit of wearing a mask without caring about its color as its a must to be alive.
Future - At least I know this for sure we are all going to see this in practice worldwide.Now you will see a new section of mask, of different colors,materials,fashion which you can buy according to your wardrobe collection or rather next time when you are going to buy a dress for yourself there will be a matching mask with it.

I hope and pray to God that this Covid 19 crisis gets over soon without any further damage to our economy,lives and livelihood.And we chose the right life and habits.

Friday, 17 April 2020

Bringing Smiles

A Big Hello to you all !!!
Last few weeks have been chaotic/uncertain and dubious for some.We are all impacted in some way or the other.Many of us are worrying about jobs/school/college/economy and what not.
The best part is We all are in this together, Lets get through this together.
Be Positive and keep smiling.

And exactly this is being promoted by
"When life locks us in, we send smiles and Free eGifts-"

They are offering digital copies of the product that you will be able to gift to your recipients. These will be delivered to you or to your recipient via email.

To Place you Free eGift order for yourself or your recipient
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This is the best gift you can gift to your loved ones turning their worrisome frowns into smiles
Now you have a good reason to smile and make others smile

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

2020 Chaitra Navratri

Jai Maa Ambe

25th March 2020
Wednesday / बुधवार
Navratri Day 1

Our world is going through the most difficult times.
This is the first time ever that the temples are closed in Navratri.
Lets pray to Maa Ambe 
Please Maa we are your children.
Please forgive us for whatever wrong we have done and save the world from collapsing.

This video was shared by my good friend of Ambaji Gujrat

Ambaji Gujarat Ambaji ( Ambājī ) a town in Banaskantha district in the state of Gujarat , India.The Temple of Ambaji is recognized as one of the original Shakti Pithas (religious texts) where, according to the ancient Scriptures, the heart of the goddess Ambaji fell to earth when her body was dismembered.Ambaji is lauded as the supreme cosmic controller of the world.

March 2020
Thursday / गुरूवार
Navratri Day 2

Navratri Day 3
March 2020
Friday / शुक्रवार

Navratri Day 4
March 2020
Saturday / शनिवार

Navratri Day 5
March 2020
Sunday / रविवार

Navratri Day 6
March 2020
Monday / सोमवार

Navratri Day 7
March 2020
Tuesday / मंगलवार

Navratri Day 8
April 2020
Wednesday / बुधवार

Navratri Day 9
April 2020
Thursday / गुरूवार

I wish you all Happy 2020 Chaitra Navratri

Jai Maa Ambe

Monday, 23 March 2020

Janta Curfew

Pin drop silence.Empty streets.It seems like a dream.No one ever thought that a disease can spread like fire across the world.People stay in isolation.It was fine if it was restricted to only isolation from the society but its painful to see so many people suffering (difficult to breathe) and losing their loved ones.TV news channels are continuously scrolling live updates of positive cases and deaths of COVID 19 countrywise, its scary.

A time came when parents asked their children to play outside and leave their video games.
Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to banoge kharab’. (Means all those who study thoroughly become a king and those who only play around get to go nowhere!) was said in fun way.
Now every body is saying stay indoors.
Its difficult for the government and media to make the people understand how important it is to stay inside.Many people are taking it lightly.They are living in fools paradise.It is Mahamari.We should understand the seriousness of this crisis.All schools/offices/Malls/Temples are closed.All commercial places are shut.Its unbelievable atmosphere.People are either too scared and saying we all are going to die or they are behaving irresponsibly.Apart from covid 19 its a big challenge for families to live together peacefully inside home.

Senior citizens and children below 10 years are most susceptible.Parents are often seen complaining about their children who dont pay attention to instructions and dont obey their instructions.Now its the other way around.I talked to few of my friends and almost everybody is facing the problem to make the seniors understand thats its not the time to venture out to parks and socialize, they need to stay indoors.They just simply refuse to take it seriously.We are all going through emotional,financial and social upheavals.

All the supermarkets and grocery shops physical as well as online shops are short of supply of goods.Our PM Shri Narendra Modi’s declared Janta Curfew nationwide self-imposed curfew, 'by the people, and for the people,' on 22nd March 2020.He also clearly gave instructions of do 's and dont's.He asked the fellow citizens to show gratitude to the doctors, nurses and other emergency workers leading the fight against coronavirus. PM Modi appealed to everyone to ring bells or clap hands for five minutes at 5 PM.My colony residents were so excited that they clapped,blew horns, five minutes before 5 pm and continued for more than 10-15 minutes everybody was very excited and they cheerfully participated in this activity.On the other hand it was sad to see people coming on roads and clapping.It was clearly mentioned do on your terrace,balcony or windows.

One positive side which I felt is the inactivity of human beings is giving nature a chance to recover from the damages.Its like a reset button.In complete silence I can hear the voice of small insects,chirping of birds.It is soothing.We all complained of lack of time and now there is time and time but nothing to do.

Myself have started gardening.This is the result of my brother efforts in our terrace garden.

We all need to act responsibly.Its time to stop our greed.Pray and save the earth for our future generations.As an individual its our responsibility to Recycle,Restore and Reuse

The Three R's of the Environment
Reduce. Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment.
Reuse. Instead of throwing things away, try to find ways to use them again!
Recycle. Many of the things we use every day, like paper bags, soda cans, and milk cartons.

This is the time to care for the elderly, feed the birds and animals.
You can also read all those books you missed out reading
and all those movies which you had no time to watch
Dont let panic step in.Create an atmosphere of love and harmony.Let your actions speak.

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Do's & Dont's

'Prepare but don't panic' is the message.

If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, seek medical care early
Stay at home if you feel unwell.

Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:

- Wash your hands frequently
Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

- Maintain social distancing
Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing

- Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.

- Practice respiratory hygiene
This means covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then dispose of the used tissue immediately.

We should not wait for the government to tell us what to do.It is our duty as an individual to understand.If we take precautions we can help in stopping the spread of this deadly disease.Please remember schools,colleges,movie halls and restaurants are being shut down only so that the virus is not spread further.Please parents and teachers educate the children and students that it is not a vacation time.Only move out in case you are required to and dont gather in large numbers as it would lead to more spread of the virus.DONT GO TO MALLS OR PICNIC WITH FRIENDS.Its time to be safe and stay aware.

Things you can do at home

- Listen to your favourite music
- Watch all the movies at home on youtube or firestick that you always liked
- Read books, novels
- Cook at home, try new recipes
- Socialize on social media
- Sing if you have a bearable voice lol and create your albums and share with your friends.
- Do DIY
- Create something new like painting,pottery
- Schedule your life, you have time now.Make a plan.Create a bucket list.
- Anything you always wanted to do but due to lack of time you could not do.
- Join the #HandwashingHeroes Social Media Campaign and challenge your friends also, spread happiness, awareness and not the virus.

Office goers please use clean tissue papers to cover your mouth if you dont have a mask.Use a tissue paper to open the doors of the washroom.Dispose off the tissue in a closed bin immediately and dont throw it on roads.

Watch this Hand Washing Commercial which is indeed Brilliant

Get more details and stay updated on WHO site

Hope everyone stays safe with their loved ones.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is celebrating his 55th birthday today (14th March 2020).
We all love you Mr Perfectionist.

I got an opportunity to Tete-a-tete with him, have a glimpse.

I was shaking with excitement during the conversation and it was the most exhilarating and titillating experience of my life.

Dear Aamir, you are cuteness overloaded.

Best of Luck for your upcoming movie  Laal Singh Chaddha

Monday, 9 March 2020

Holi 2020 The Covid 19 Effect

Panditji performing puja

This year due to corona virus all holi celebrations were cancelled.Every year my colony celebrates Holi with high spirits but this time residents were advised to come and pray and leave and not to gather in large numbers.It was on a small scale.But it was nicely decorated.

I wish everyone Happy Holi.
Please dont use color without thinking.It should be a happy and fun momemt for all.Play safe.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Yogmaya Temple/Jogmaya temple

Yogmaya Temple also known as Jogmaya temple is a Shakti Peetha dedicated to the sister of Krishna.Situated in Mehrauli, New Delhi, close to the Qutb complex.Its an ancient temple more than 5000 years old.

It is believed that the main idol in the temple was that of Yogamaya, an incarnation of Durga, born as the sister of Krishna. Kansa, cousin of Devaki (mother of Krishna) and uncle of Yogamaya and Kansa attempted to kill Yogamaya on Krishna Janmastami day when Krishna was born. But Yogamaya, who was cleverly substituted for Krishna, vanished after predicting Kansa's death at the hands of her brother Krishna.

The temple is believed to be built by the Pandavas, at the end of Mahabharata war.

The temple is also an integral part of an important inter-faith festival of Delhi, the annual Phool Walon Ki Sair.
Phool Walon Ki Sair meaning "procession of the florists" is an annual celebration by the flowers sellers of Delhi. It is a three-day festival, generally held in the month of September, just after the rainy season in the region of Mehrauli.
This secular festival involves a procession, led by shehnai players and dancers, and bearing large floral fans, pankhas, to Yogmaya Temple, the shrine of Devi Jog Maya, and winds through Mehrauli bazar, to reach the dargah of 13th century Sufi saint, Khwaja Bakhtiyar Kaki.

We started early in the morning.The panditji gave us kala chana and bhura (powdered sugar) as prasad and charnamrit.

This is just opposite Qutab Minar.

After the devi darshan we enjoyed hot tea and biscuits at a roadside cafe.
Overall a fantastic experience.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

A day In CP

We specially went to India Gate to see the Hunar Haat Delhi 2020 but it seems the whole Delhi made plans for the same at the same time.After waiting for an hour or so in the queue to reach our destination we decided to move to Connaught Place.

This place has a special ambience and thats why its a favourite place for all travellers and locals.

This is the Post office from which I have seen my parents buy stamps since I was a kid.

Holi is just around and pichkaris are on display here

Then we ate at wengers swiss confectionary in India, serving since 1926

Enjoyed chole bhature

Kulche chole

Dosa at Bikanervala