Monday 23 March 2020

Janta Curfew

Pin drop silence.Empty streets.It seems like a dream.No one ever thought that a disease can spread like fire across the world.People stay in isolation.It was fine if it was restricted to only isolation from the society but its painful to see so many people suffering (difficult to breathe) and losing their loved ones.TV news channels are continuously scrolling live updates of positive cases and deaths of COVID 19 countrywise, its scary.

A time came when parents asked their children to play outside and leave their video games.
Padhoge likhoge to banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to banoge kharab’. (Means all those who study thoroughly become a king and those who only play around get to go nowhere!) was said in fun way.
Now every body is saying stay indoors.
Its difficult for the government and media to make the people understand how important it is to stay inside.Many people are taking it lightly.They are living in fools paradise.It is Mahamari.We should understand the seriousness of this crisis.All schools/offices/Malls/Temples are closed.All commercial places are shut.Its unbelievable atmosphere.People are either too scared and saying we all are going to die or they are behaving irresponsibly.Apart from covid 19 its a big challenge for families to live together peacefully inside home.

Senior citizens and children below 10 years are most susceptible.Parents are often seen complaining about their children who dont pay attention to instructions and dont obey their instructions.Now its the other way around.I talked to few of my friends and almost everybody is facing the problem to make the seniors understand thats its not the time to venture out to parks and socialize, they need to stay indoors.They just simply refuse to take it seriously.We are all going through emotional,financial and social upheavals.

All the supermarkets and grocery shops physical as well as online shops are short of supply of goods.Our PM Shri Narendra Modi’s declared Janta Curfew nationwide self-imposed curfew, 'by the people, and for the people,' on 22nd March 2020.He also clearly gave instructions of do 's and dont's.He asked the fellow citizens to show gratitude to the doctors, nurses and other emergency workers leading the fight against coronavirus. PM Modi appealed to everyone to ring bells or clap hands for five minutes at 5 PM.My colony residents were so excited that they clapped,blew horns, five minutes before 5 pm and continued for more than 10-15 minutes everybody was very excited and they cheerfully participated in this activity.On the other hand it was sad to see people coming on roads and clapping.It was clearly mentioned do on your terrace,balcony or windows.

One positive side which I felt is the inactivity of human beings is giving nature a chance to recover from the damages.Its like a reset button.In complete silence I can hear the voice of small insects,chirping of birds.It is soothing.We all complained of lack of time and now there is time and time but nothing to do.

Myself have started gardening.This is the result of my brother efforts in our terrace garden.

We all need to act responsibly.Its time to stop our greed.Pray and save the earth for our future generations.As an individual its our responsibility to Recycle,Restore and Reuse

The Three R's of the Environment
Reduce. Reducing the amount of waste you produce is the best way to help the environment.
Reuse. Instead of throwing things away, try to find ways to use them again!
Recycle. Many of the things we use every day, like paper bags, soda cans, and milk cartons.

This is the time to care for the elderly, feed the birds and animals.
You can also read all those books you missed out reading
and all those movies which you had no time to watch
Dont let panic step in.Create an atmosphere of love and harmony.Let your actions speak.

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