Saturday 23 May 2020

Lend Me The Wings

As a little child I used to wave to all the planes, I saw.I always wondered how it feels to fly.Can I touch the clouds.Will I be able to see God's house on the way and many other fantasies.I still remember my first air travel which was unplanned and was destined unexpectedly.I had given my 10th board exams and my family took me to a North East trip where we explored Sikkim,Darjeeling and then from Siliguri we were supposed to take a train back to Delhi.When we reached the railway station to our utter disappointment we found that the train we were supposed to board was cancelled.My worried parents inquired about the next possible train connection and were very disappointed as for months there were no train bookings available.The only way possible was to travel separately on different dates and time, first to Kolkata and then to Delhi.We are a family of four and we children (Me & my brother were kids). It was a challenge to reach our home destination together.There were no travel assistants like makemytrip etc to help and plan.My father quickly made inquiries and we were told to try our luck next day at the airport.My mother quickly checked her purse and was relieved to see she had enough money of her savings to take a flight home back.

Next day we took a early morning taxi to the empty airport as were told that tickets are given on first come first basis.The counters were closed.It was a small airport and not much of a hustle and bustle.I sat there and wondered if all the airports look the same.Anyway people came and took their boarding pass and my father stood glued to the counter with hopeful eyes wishing that the lady behind the counter will issue us the tickets.She told us the plane is almost full.Only if there would be any cancellation we had a chance.We waited and waited and waited.At last when there was only few minutes left for the flight to take off we were given the tickets.So my first journey was not an exciting one.The beginning was not as I had hoped it to be.Our luggage was quickly scanned and we rushed to board the plane.It was a small Indian Airline Plane standing all alone.When we entered the plane the air hostess greeted us and we were given the very last seats near the toilet.The journey was not perfect.There were turbulence and I felt it to be a nightmare, with pain in the ears and felt uneasy.This is when I realized that I was air sick.With teary eyes I asked mom if  it is always like this when we fly.My mom who had traveled a lot and many times flew domestically and internationally assured me that its always not like this.She told me so much about her experiences with different airlines and destinations that my love for flying once again became strong.I was determined to fly again that too soon.I kept asking mom when will we fly next and where are we would be going to next.

My mom took me to Switzerland, my first international flight and since then till today the list is endless and I don't even remember the number of times I have flown in an aeroplane.Each and every trip is unique and I learn something new each time.I get excited every time.I still get air sick for which I take medicine and sweat my palms but nothing deters me from flying as it gives me ultimate happiness and the journey itself is a kind of relaxing vacation for me.Seeing the clouds and tiny boxes like houses fascinate me.Like every year, this year also we planned a trip and this time to Germany in 2020 but covid 19 pandemic has spoiled our plans.I am disappointed but not without hope.

After the Lockdown 4.0 the government has given the nod to reopen the domestic airlines but with strict guidelines.
If you've been missing the freedom of your old life and struggling with this "new normal," you are not alone. The future feels more uncertain than ever.It's time to let go of an old cycle and welcome a new one.In India Air fares are capped for three months.Web check in, face mask and Aarogya Setu approval is a must.

Here are some of the basic rules and it may wary so kindly check with your respective airlines 
 1. Bring your gloves and masks for every flight
2. Online Check-in services are currently unavailable
3. Arrive at the airport 4 hours before your flight
4. Do not bring hand luggage for your flight
5. Expect thermal screening and other COVID tests
6. Maintain social distancing throughout the flight
 7. Bring your sanitizer

Today many of the parks have also opened after the lockdown in Delhi.Children below 10 years and senior citizens above 65 years are not allowed.Only walking tracks can be used.Yoga,open gyms activities are not allowed.Mandatory masks,arogya setu app is mandatory to get entry to parks.

Lets pray we soon get back to our normal lives and win over Covid 19 forever.