Monday 8 October 2012

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

I knock on the doors of to get my blog approved 
They ask me to wait 
One day my blog will get approved in this anticipation I wait
moments seem like hours and hours like years
days pass like centuries but I must wait on 
for some day the door will open & they will let me in
in this hope the wait goes on & on & on. I wait

Our Tri Colour

Our Tri Colour

Our tri colour flutters atop buildings
on govt cars, atop the parliament
it can also be seen flying as kites but we will
become true Indians when it flies high in our hearts

poem LIFE

Life is a see saw,sometimes up and sometimes down
When you are happy ,you are up and sad when you are down
Life has many colors,its a merry go around
If you want to live life to the full,do not pull,just give in and flow with the tide
Live each day as it comes and take every thing in your stride
Let love be your guiding spirit and happiness shall abound.

Sunday 7 October 2012


The other day i was chatting with one of my friends who is in Singapore and she popped up with a question about visiting India.She asked me when it is the best time to travel to India.I told her excitedly "Oh its the best time to come to India as it is Festival time" and she would be able to witness different shades of India's culture, food and colors.The weather has also improved.And she enthusiastically agreed.So while she is busy making the travelling arrangements.I am worried how I would be able to take her around in Delhi.

Delhi has already very congested roads and festival time means extra traffic and extra congestion and extra confusion. More parking problems.

Well but I prefer to be a good host rather than worry about these problems after all festivals bring more cheer and good spirits and its not a good time to waste my time worrying about insignificant problems( which is rather significant). But as it says its all in our mind.

Weather Changing

Good Morning,

One can feel the weather changing.The mornings and evenings are becoming cooler.If the fan is switched off still one does not feel the heat.

Afterall its October the onset of winters and the beginning of the Festival Time.

As I live very near to C.R .Park I always visit the Pooja pandals and experience and share the excitement and happiness of Durga Puja.

What I love about Durga Puja is magnificient pandals, beautiful devi idols and tasty foods and not to forget the options to shop to your hearts contents.I love to experience different sandesh's and jhal mudi, its yummy.

Welcome Festivals :)

Saturday 6 October 2012

It's Sale time

It's Sale time Its Sale Time

buy that T-shirt,Buy that top
but I have already spent all my money, 
but I do not worry to pay my bills  I have my pop

Friday 5 October 2012

A penny for your thoughts

A penny for your thoughts

Skull is the Armour that protects our brains
The brain is the body for a million thoughts
Some positive, some negative
some creative ,some worry some
some thoughts fuel creativity and others destruction
Thousands of skulls cannot kill a thought
but one destructive thought can destroy thousands of skulls.
as thoughts are the initiation of action.
Think positive be positive

Tuesday 2 October 2012


Last week I went with my family to watch OMG.And we loved it.I was not expecting such a great response and I was surprised to see the House Full sign.The hall was jam packed and from senior citizens to young kids were enthusiastically enjoying the movie. The first half of the movie was O.K but the second half was very interesting.

Apart from the movie another picture was running in the back row where we were sitting.Three young kids two girls and one boy who came late created lot of disturbance. Initially they shouted loudly chatting with each other saying "OMG how are we going to fit into the seats as they are very small" then one of the girls shouted "Mouse, Mouse" where is the manager call the manager right now.Then the boy behind me started pushing and kicking my seat.It was so annoying and disturbing.Then in the interval one of the girls declared that she is leaving for home.And the two again started shouting dont go how can you go alone.At last she went out and came back again after few minutes.And thank God they stopped their nautanki in the second half of the movie.I dont understand why people come to watch a movie if they are not interested in the movie.

Well coming back to the movie.everyone enjoyed the movie and it ended on a note People are God fearing and not God Loving.What do you think about it!!!