Monday 7 July 2014

Food time Ahoy!

A bunch of noisy,juicy red tomatoes wanting to gel got blended and spread themselves in the borosil Round Casserole.They were joined by the butter and the salt and black pepper.Seeing this the roundels of onions and green bell pepper stood lining the sides like giant cart wheels,while the crusty brown potato wedges fixed themselves firmly in front.In the centre stood a mound of boiled green peas like a rock jutting out.The blanched ,seasoned mushrooms sailed by and the cubes of cottage cheese bobbed up and down like snowy icebergs on a rout.
The aroma spread far and wide and wisps of steam announced dining table Ahoy!
The mixed vegetable has just arrived.
My guests who were waiting at the table took out scoops of the vegetable in their plates.
Eating it either with dinner rolls
or wrapping it around with chapatis and making them into roti rolls

The New Born

The crumbly khoya lost its heart to the snowy maida.Not wishing to part they blended into each other to form a roll .Seeing their beauty in the pond of oil .

They blushed and turned from white to pink and brown.They anointed their love by dipping into the golden sugary syrup and their act made them heavy and weighed them down.

.The aroma was tantalizing and hard to resist as they sat like royalty in the Borosil Mini Plate Set  and the Gulab Jamun was born