Thursday 19 December 2013

Life without Bacardi Breezer Blackberry Crush

Life without Bacardi Breezer Blackberry Crush

Life  without Bacardi Breezer Blackberry Crush is like a song without sound ,
food without taste
Adventure without a thrill .
With blackberry crush life takes on a new meaning ,
there is music in the air and ,joy is foremost .
The more the merrier because it is meant to be shared and experienced
We have only one life and with  Blackberry Crush
we enjoy it to the fullerst
So Cheers ! to Blackberry Crush

Wednesday 4 September 2013

My home an assortment of smells

Each and every house is not just mortar and bricks but it is supermost a home.
A home full of emotions and various moments which pervade the home with their distinct flavors.Such is my home full of feelings and all of them have different smells. I can say that my home is a potpouri of different smells.

The morning starts with the smell of jasmine joss sticks as my mother does her worship.
The sound of the conch and the tinkle of the temple bell is soft and comforting.I open my eyes in a state of calm bliss.

Then the aroma of that first cup of tea pervades my nostrils,making me shiver in anticipation of that first sip.

As I look out of the window I am fascinated by the smell of freshly cut grass in the garden.

 I move towards the kitchen the heavenly flavours of tomatoes,onions and herbs being tossed into the pan floor me and I know that my

favourite upma is being cooked.The smell always comes first and then the taste that makes me go crazy.

I open my cupboard to be enveloped in the scent of my vanilla perfume.

All dressed up I move towards my mother and as she takes me in her arms the all pervading smell is that of her love.a smell that is the mother of all smells

Sunday 12 May 2013

Modern Day Healthcare is Touching Lives

Modern Healthcare touching the lives

  • Improved access to the healthcare to millions of people
    • Telemedicine is bridging the gaps and conquering many frontiers  including the rural hinterland of the country
    • Start ups like Medi help the patients to consult many international physicians at an affordable cost
    • Tele Radiology helps a remotely locate doctor to have a look at the X ray and diagnose
    • Companies such as HCG (Bangalore) follow system and processes which enable the dosage of cancer treatment X ray to be calibrated from a central place in Bangalore
  • Focus on the prevention rather than cure
    • People have started taking health seriously
    • Gyms / Zumba Classes
    • Spas
    • Yoga Centres
  • Eradication of diseases
    • Lots of potentially life crippling disorders have now been eradicated by the spread of modern medicine
      • Like Polio
      • Small pox
  • Increased Job opportunities
    • By improving the access to the healthcare services to the rural areas, modern healthcare has created many job opportunities in the rural areas of the country
  • Social Impact
    • Many diseases earlier considered taboo are now finding acceptance within the society
      • Like leprosy and Tuberculosis once considered to be an outcast, now they are being treated with compassion and care
  • Economic Impact
    • Modern healthcare has improved the productivity of an average Indian, there by aiding the economy of the country

Wednesday 6 March 2013

My Spring wishlist

My Spring wishlist 

Puff Sleeves Shift Dress with Cut Out Back

This shift dress has been crafted from a silk like fabric with a soft hand feel. The details include: a green color main, a wide round neckline, puff sleeves styling with split details, buttoned cuffs, and a cut out back finish. The dress has been cut with a regular fit.

Skater Dress in Stripe Design

This skater dress has been crafted from a soft cotton rich jersey fabric. The details include: a scoop neckline, elbow length sleeves, a contrast stripe print to the main, belt waist and a classic skater skirt with soft pleating throughout. The dress has been cut with a regular fit.

Black Chiffon Vest with Asymmetric Shoulder Strap and Hem

Featuring soft black chiffon fabric, asymmetric shoulder strap and hem design, cross straps to back for adjustable length, in a sexy and fashion style.

  • Military Green Harem Pants with Hemp Rope Waistband

  • Featuring military green cotton blended fabric, mid-rise waist with extended hemp rope waistband, button and zip fly closure to front, gathering pleats detail to hip, twin hip pockets to back and jet pockets to back, in a tapered fit.

Midi Chiffon Skirt 

This high waisted skirt has been made by soft lightweight chiffon fabric. The details include: a high rise, a wide waistband with scalloped details, concealed zip closure and flowing hemline.