Saturday 31 January 2015

The open letter by a victim of Pimples

Hi There I am a victim . A victim who has suffered by the ruthless pimple or ACNE as some like to call it. You may ask what is so special about that it is just an eruption that appears on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. Yes I agree.
However have you ever wondered that this is one thing that has plagued and traumatized almost every human being at some point or the other in some way or the other. Either just by its appearance ,or the fear of its occurrence. It happens without any notice, when you least expect or want it to happen to you.
People believe that It can happen to you due to stress, due to what you eat or any other factor
It is one of the most dreaded and hated things that can happen to a person. For any bride on her wedding day thes occurrence of pimples marks the doom.
Ask a would be beauty queen how it feels to have a pimple specially  if it shows up just on the day she is about to walk the ramp.
Ask any person going for an interview how uncomfortable  it would be for him or her when the entire interview board have their eyes fixed in their pimple.
What if someone asks how did you get it ?  Would you blame it on the stress ,or on what you ate or would you be too embarrassed to talk about it. There is not a single point on the world map where people have not been the victims of and suffered from pimples.  
I have suffered numerous times at their hands. They give you a yuck feel like a fly sitting on your face and no matter what you do you are unable to get rid of it. A girl in my neighborhood was about to get married and just a few days before her big day there was an eruption on her face.There was one pimple and then a few more followed.They were enough to ruin her special day and she went into a depression.She also considered postponing her wedding. Luckily my sister came to her rescue and introduced her to the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. The timely advise came as a God sent blessing for the bride and her pimples gradually subsided.By the time of the sangeet ceremony she had a clean blemish free face. No one could say that she had undergone a crisis as grave as pimples on her face.I also used to have erractic erruptions of acne. However I tried a number of home remedies but there was not much benefit.Then I too followed by sister advise and used the Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. My personal experience is that when I use this face wash regularly the occurance of pimples was greatly reduced my skin started feeling much more fresher and it felt so good when I touch my face. I have made it a point to incorporate this Neem face wash from Garnier in a regular regime.It exfoliates the skin and reduces the occurance of pimples.I have not had any pimples ever since the regular use of Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. Those suffering at the hands of pimples can join the fight and know more about this life changing and face saving product here 

Friday 30 January 2015

Breaking News: My Date with TATA BOLT

I recently had an opportunity of experiencing the new TATA BOLT. I was drawn by its elegance and the cutting edge technology used to make it a first class driving experience .It is packed with wonderful features and picking one for the other is difficult. Here is a list of 5 features that are very appealing to me. 


The 3 in 1 engine
If Tata BOLT was a movie I would say it is a Block buster with three superstars.
The petrol variant of the new TATA BOLT is fitted with a REVOTRON 1.2T engine.It has built in  MULTI-DRIVE feature that  lets you switch between three driving modes. The three driving features are  i) Sport that puts the raw power of the 1.2L turbocharged MPFi petrol engine
that gives a 140 Nm @1500 - 4000 RPM and max power of 90 PS @ 5000 RPM to your disposal you feel that you are driving a sports car.
ii) Eco Mode: The main emplasis is to drive with the utmost fuel efficiency .
iii) City Mode : This is the mode that is present to help you negotiate the city traffic it gives you optimum performance in city driving conditions.


This car is all about ENTERTAIMENT, ENTERTAINMENT & ENTERTAINMENT and much more with a ConnectNext touchscreen infotainment by Harman TM. 
The high end system gives a touch or Voice based Navigation,or  can be controlled by the controls on the steering wheel.
It can play not just the Radio or media from Phone or the SD card but also read out your mails

The HARMAN Connectnext

The volume is controlled by the speed of the car

It can read out your SMS too!
Built in Navigation system
Change stations with voice control


 It all about safety for me and my family. The moment the car starts the doors auto lock
There are Anti Locking breaks present and there is better curve maneuverability.
In case of a frontal collision there are Airbags present to protect the passengers in the front rows.
The rear fog wiper make driving and reversing during rain or foggy conditions much easier.

Advanced ABS system with EBD & CSC to prevent wheel locking and better corner control at higher speeds


        The interiors are spacious, There is a plenty of legroom for the passengers in the front or the rear seats.
There is fully automatic Air conditioning that can be controlled from the front panel touch screen. The AC vent is travezoid shaped keeping with the latest international standards.

There is fully automatic Air conditioning that can be controlled from the front panel touch screen. The AC vent is travezoid shaped keeping with the latest international standards.
Comfortable seats for fron and real
Fully Automatic Air Conditioner

Control present on steering wheel


      I feel that the Navigation system makes it a must bye car not just the navigation is controlled by both touch and voice. It is a detailed and logical street map and directions that are free! Yes you heard me right. You can connect your android phone and through an app the Navigation system in the new TATA BOLT guides you through the network of roads to take you safely to your destination without having to stop or  rolling down your window in blistering summer heat or chilly winters just to ask a passerby the way. Thereby also jeopardizing your safety  at night, on highways and specially for all the women travelers like me  it comes as a great boon. 

TATA BOLT is a comfortable, good to be seen with, fun to drive Car

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Saturday 24 January 2015

My Sleek ASUS Companion

I need a device that excels both in performance and in looks.
ASUS is a brand that I have always trusted right from the motherboard of my first PC to my ASUS laptop. Its products have stood the test of time and delivered high quality performance. Truly is has lived up to its reputation of being of high quality,rugged and sturdy.With the launch of its new ASUS EeeBook X205TA it is likely to continue the saga of delivering high performance at an affordable price. Looking at the ASUS EeeBook X205TA the first thing that catches my eye is its sleek design.
It gives me the flexibility, the way I want .With this device I can surf the web, listen to music or watch movies. It is ultra mobile.With a thickness of only 1.75 cm it is super easy to carry. Its has a good battery power that lasts longer.It provides an amazing 12 hours of battery power for surfing, 13 hours for playing music and 11 hours for playing video.Now no need to run for the power cord.No tension of storage as it comes with 500GB of ASUS WebStorage free for two years,Is a very cool for someone like me for whom the laptop storage is never enough .Now I can store my personal stuff, data,photos,movies whatever I wish and the  micro SD card slot lets me increase the storage by up to 64GB.It has an amazing 2-second resume even from a  prolonged standby.Data is also safe and secure with the X205TA which automatically backs up your data when battery level drops below 5%.What more one can ask for.

The X205TA is powered by an Intel Atom processor that’s power optimized for great performance and energy efficiency to enjoy on the go.It has a Intel-level performance with a lightning fast quad-core processor.

It has a solid screen,loud speakers and fantastic battery life.The streamlined plastic body features soft, rounded edges with a smooth matte finish, and it  is available in red, white and gold.The X205TA features two USB 2.0 ports on the right side, and a microSD reader, micro HDMI port and combo headphone/mic jack on the left. There are also two stereo speakers hidden behind small mesh grilles on the bottom of the chassis that project audio to the front and center for an optimal listening experience.Its featherweight as the X205TA with dimensions measuring just 11.2 x 7.6 x 0.6 inches and weighs only 2.16 pounds, making it slimmer and lighter.The small stereo speakers on the bottom of the X205TA may look small but the volume would definitely surprise you.It is well equipped with Intel HD Graphics.It includes one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365, which includes online and offline versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.The X205TA also comes with a standard Asus one-year warranty.11.6" LED display with a 1366x768 resolution (135 ppi - pixel density).The display has vivid colors and decent viewing angles.The keyboard and the touch pad are also very handy and work well.Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Z3735G processor and 1GB or 2GB of DDR3 RAM memory are sufficient for a user like me.

One can find following per-installed applications- Office 365 Personal Edition 9 which includes includes Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013, Outlook 2013, Access 2013, Publisher 2013, 1TB of cloud storage in OneDrive and 1 hour for Skype calls per month),McAfee LiveSafe,Netflix,Twitter,ASUS WebStorage (this is a cloud storage service from ASUS that provides you with 500GB of free cloud storage space for 2 years),ASUS LiveUpdate (an application that you can use to manage the operating system updates. It is very similar to the settings found in Windows 8.1),Flipboard (news app),WinFlash,Splendid Utility (application you can change the display colors settings),Line (a chat app),eManual

For me ASUS EeeBook X205TA is affordable, it looks and feels great.Its one of the most beautiful netbooks.
ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

All images have been taken from ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

My hot salsa Move this valentine

There is this guy in my college who is tall dark and handsome and all the girls vie for his attention when he rides into the college on his motorcycle with his jelled hair and his stylish sunglasses He has a cocksure attitude and is aware of the fact that he is looking hot with his well proportioned chiseled body and his Greek god like features. I too have a crush on him and want to capture his wholehearted attention and want to be his special one. We are in the same class and so I have the opportunity to be near him for the better part of the day. The more time that I spend with have makes me want to spend more and more time with him. We have similar interests in movies and sports. However the similarity ends here. We are completely different. I am the shy and coy type and he is the loud and flamboyant type. I like yoga and he is a Gym enthusiast. I dig on Bollywood romantic movies and he loves the Hollywood action flicks. It is not wrongly said that opposites attract as I find myself drawn towards him and in spite of all the differences between us. I constantly seek opportunities to be in his company and try to get his attention. Yet there is something that draws us together so that we enjoy spending time together with a common group of friends. We hang out together and collectively go out on long drives. Despite his loud behavior there is a gentleman like quality in him that makes him so adorable as when he holds the door open of the chemistry Lab for me and  makes me feel so special. So I have decided that this valentine day I am going to break the ice and make the first move and propose to him. However to do this I would have to step out of my comfort zone and step into his world . Only then would I be able to get his attention. So I have a special plan for this Valentine Day. To bring this plan into effect I have started taking salsa classes. I have also ordered a red hot salsa dress to wear on that day with a pair of matching shoes. I would go and visit him in the gym and when he is about to start his aerobic session. I would have a fast Latin number played and then I would perform a  hot and saucy Salsa dance step in front of him. With this bold move of mine I would surely catch his attention and then approach him with a red rose with its stem caught between my lips . I would twirl and go down on one knee and propose to him. This move of mine  would surely floor him and break the ice between us and we would be able to take our relationship to the next level. 

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Lets go to Bangalore with Quickr

We live in the world of SMS where  every message has to be short, so my message to you is that if you are going to Bangalore then buy and sell or even rent a house there using This way you will get the best deals both while buying as well as selling. 
I got this gyan after some heart burn and domestic tension.

My story starts in flashback...“Bangalore is a city of opportunities and moving to this city of IT and city of gardens would do my career a great deal of good. ” I made this announcement at my home the day I completed my MBA in Information Technology. To show how serious I was I even showed them the list of companies I had applied to in Bangalore. Subsequent to a campus interview I got a joining letter from a Bangalore based company. I was to get a week’s accommodation in the company guest house and within this time I would have to search for alternative accommodation. When I informed my parents that I am going to join the Bangalore office my parents became quite tense. The thought of their only daughter going to Bangalore alone made my parents very apprehensive. Where would I stay? Maybe they should start looking for a flat on rent. My mom started making phone calls to her sister who had stayed for a few years in Bangalore asking for references of property agents who could help me get a house on rent. My father was very concerned as to how will I move about in the city. As here he had always turned down my request of buying a scooty and instead he  let me drive his old car to college so that his daughter could commute safely. He started searching his address book and looking up numbers of relatives and colleagues who could help me get started in my new life in Bangalore . This exercise brought my entire household under a lot of turmoil and stress as they were truly concerned about my well being. Then my younger brother suggested that I check here
I was surprised to find a number of Apartments and Houses for rent as well as for sale in Bangalore. When I showed my mom these options my mom was very relieved. I even contacted a number of property owners  via chat and got the details about their property. Me and my parents shortlisted two properties in the vicinity of my office and I fixed a meeting to finalize the deal with the owner over chat while sitting a few thousand kilometres away from Bangalore thanks to

My father quickly checked all the cars that were on sale and believe me I was spoilt for choices. My father even selected a car of his favorite brand and color for me! Wow I was about to become the owner of my first car even before receiving my first pay check.

 My mother was really impressed by the wide range of kitchen appliances on sale . I felt my parents were getting over excited as they were eagerly and quickly shortlisting appliances, a TV, a laptop for me. With the intention of putting a break on their excitement I showed them the appointment letter where it was written that my posting was for two years after which I would be posted to another city. Then what would I do with so much stuff? My father responded “Once you are posted to another city, you can visit and sell all the stuff there just as you are going to buy it today ”

Well he had made a valid point.I was assured that no matter where I went from Bangalore I always had to lean upon.

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