Saturday 24 January 2015

My hot salsa Move this valentine

There is this guy in my college who is tall dark and handsome and all the girls vie for his attention when he rides into the college on his motorcycle with his jelled hair and his stylish sunglasses He has a cocksure attitude and is aware of the fact that he is looking hot with his well proportioned chiseled body and his Greek god like features. I too have a crush on him and want to capture his wholehearted attention and want to be his special one. We are in the same class and so I have the opportunity to be near him for the better part of the day. The more time that I spend with have makes me want to spend more and more time with him. We have similar interests in movies and sports. However the similarity ends here. We are completely different. I am the shy and coy type and he is the loud and flamboyant type. I like yoga and he is a Gym enthusiast. I dig on Bollywood romantic movies and he loves the Hollywood action flicks. It is not wrongly said that opposites attract as I find myself drawn towards him and in spite of all the differences between us. I constantly seek opportunities to be in his company and try to get his attention. Yet there is something that draws us together so that we enjoy spending time together with a common group of friends. We hang out together and collectively go out on long drives. Despite his loud behavior there is a gentleman like quality in him that makes him so adorable as when he holds the door open of the chemistry Lab for me and  makes me feel so special. So I have decided that this valentine day I am going to break the ice and make the first move and propose to him. However to do this I would have to step out of my comfort zone and step into his world . Only then would I be able to get his attention. So I have a special plan for this Valentine Day. To bring this plan into effect I have started taking salsa classes. I have also ordered a red hot salsa dress to wear on that day with a pair of matching shoes. I would go and visit him in the gym and when he is about to start his aerobic session. I would have a fast Latin number played and then I would perform a  hot and saucy Salsa dance step in front of him. With this bold move of mine I would surely catch his attention and then approach him with a red rose with its stem caught between my lips . I would twirl and go down on one knee and propose to him. This move of mine  would surely floor him and break the ice between us and we would be able to take our relationship to the next level. 

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