Sunday 22 March 2015

Finding Happiness through Food

I am a foodie and savoring good food is the ultimate pleasure and source of joy and happiness. There is no bigger source of joy  and happiness than eating and enjoying your favorite food . I have a habit of visiting different restaurants and enjoying their best dishes. This gives me great pleasure. Then after eating so much food arose the need  to burn all those calories that would make me fat  and I discovered the joy of yoga and exercising.I must admit that more than the exercising it was the compliments that I got when I gained a nice figure that made me to become happy and caused me to smile. However my love for food is a never ending one and I thought of spreading happiness and smiles through my cooking. I started cooking cakes and dishes that I would make for friends. This way my indulgence in food has taken a new meaning and I have begun to enjoy food without feeling guilty of putting on a lot of extra calories. As my friends liked and appreciated my cooking I started getting requests for baking for parties and occasions. Now I am getting orders for food nearly every day. Through my food and the art of cooking I have begun to spread happiness and smiles to a lot more people. This spreading of happiness makes me even more happy. The fact that in exchange of all the food that I bake and cook I not only get money but also the satisfaction that I am introducing people to good taste and healthy food. So I take utmost care that I use the best and the freshest ingredients when I cook the food that I make for it is my messenger that would not only fill tummy’s but make people happy. Now that I have discovered the correlation of happiness and food in my case I have thought of spreading it further so every month I cook food and bake a few cakes and take them to share with the under privileged children of the neighborhood. When I see them eagerly devouring all the food that I have made for them and then they sing and dance with joy. These are the celebration of life. The look of happiness on the faces of all these children around me makes me very happy. The feeling  that I could contribute to their lives and bring happiness and joy in their lives has given me more joy and impetus. Now I am determined to spread happiness  as far as possible and make a lot of people happy in this way. For in our lives we face so many ups and downs, highs and lows and its our ability to smile and feel happiness at a difficult time that gives us the strength to keep going on.

Monday 16 March 2015

Food in Singapore and My Takeaways

When I went to Singapore I found so many places to eat be it roadside eateries,restaurants or posh five star joints. However the one thing that was strikingly similar and common about almost all these place was the food which was good looking and inviting . They seem to be vying with each other to put the best food on your plate

If food could speak then I am sure it would say"Welcome to Singapore for it is not just an Island nation but an Oasis of food where whatever kind of food you want is available"
Food here is not just to fill your tummy or satiate your taste buds but it is a celebration of life. It is celebration of the art ,craft and science of cooking. Singapore food experience is like visiting a temple or any holy place where homage and obeisance is paid to your deity.

 In restaurants making food is like paying respect to the ingredients. I have visited a number of restaurants in Singapore. Indian, Japanese and other oriental and Continental. The one thing that I found and appreciated most is the passion for creating together a wonderful meal for you. I remember once I went to a Japanese restaurant as I had heard a lot about it. I checked the menu and wanted to order a pure vegetarian dish. I told the restaurant manager who seemed perplexed as a lot of Japanese dishes use stock that has animal origin. However then the chef came out himself and asked me to wait. He prepared a meal especially for me that was totally vegetarian. This is despite the fact that it was near to their closing time and he and his team must have been tired after a hard day at the restaurant. Yet he and his team were eager to put together a meal for a pure vegetarian Indian as they did not want me to go away hungry. Such is the passion of the people in the cooking industry. They maintain very high quality of hygiene and cleanliness. The whole process from preparing the ingredients, to cooking,plating and then putting it on the table for you is done with utmost perfection. It is a ritual that they might have done a thousand times however their zeal and body language tells that their passion to serve a perfectly honest dish  on the table for you has not diminished.

Whenever you travel to another part of the world you notice how the same dish tastes different. Here in Singapore just as the population is a mix of people from various parts of the world. So are the dishes depending upon your choice. You can choose the classic variants, the adapted ones and the ones which are fusion dishes. Irrespective of what you choose your taste buds would be pleasantly surprised by the feast that is laid in front of your eyes.

Finally my takeaways about the delicious food available in Singapore are 

#1. Singapore is one country but you can get food from around the world. the food does not cost a bomb. What ever amount you want to spend on food from a few dollars to a few thousand there is plenty of food choices available in your selected budget and type of food.

#2. If you get good food that is healthy and to your taste in a foreign land that it is the best way of having meals, filling your tummy and then with the energy you get you can go about doing whatever you want to do. Good food is one of the necessities for which a person lives and works. It is certainly taken care of very well in Singapore. 

#3. Whatever type of body structure you may have and whatever your food requirement. Your food preferences may be influenced by ethnicity or religion. There is plenty of variety and quantity to get you a delicious meal

#4 After having food that is delicious and that is served in a clean environment the first thing that you feel is this is heaven. They serve such wonderful food,its so clean and it does not cost a fortune. Where else can it be but in heaven.

All the memes have been created by me and all the pictures were taken by me on my last trip to Singapore.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Together we can

When I was a small kid.I had many dreams.One day I wanted to be a doctor and the other dreamt of becoming an Engineer.My dreams were numerous which kept changing with time.When I was in class 10th I felt I can achieve anything.The world is open for me to explore.With time, studies got tough and the tension also increased.Everyone was only interested in marks.My teachers, principal,neighbors,friends all emphasized on my getting maximum marks.I was told by them that if I score topmost  marks only then can I fulfill my dreams otherwise I should forget getting the subjects of my choice.It was the most tense period of my life.Like others my main focus became how to get the best marks.All my aspirations looked a distant dream.I lost my sleep.As a result my health suffered.I got ill again and again.My
immunity became low.I could see time slipping out of my hands.I was so depressed that I felt like ending my life as I could not handle the pressure any more.I was about to burst with tension and pressure.On one such day when I returned home after a exhausting school day,an invitation card was waiting for me on my desk.Curiously I opened the envelope which said that I have been invited for a tea party.And the venue mentioned was my own home.But there was no other information except the time and the place.I went running to mom and asked her about the invite.She said with a smile that I would come to know in the evening.At 5 pm as mentioned in the invitation card I reached the main hall of my home all dressed up with just one question in my mind as to what the party was about.And who is the host of this party.The room was decorated with balloons, colored papers etc.It looked perfect for a party.The table was decorated with all good food,all my favorite cookies,cakes,muffins and a tea pot.I took the chair and waited for my host.I was so excited to know the mystery behind this tea party.Then
came my mummy and papa and asked me as to how I liked the room and the cookies etc.I was surprised.I asked them why they had sent the invitation card and why had they decorated the room and why a tea party if we were the only people for the party and what was the occasion.
My parents just smiled.They asked me to sit and relax.My mom poured hot tea from the teapot and offered me my favorite cookies.My father said that they missed their daughters smile thats why this party had been arranged.He gave me a mirror and asked me to look into it.My face was glowing with happiness.This mystery party took away from me the frown,tensions and stress.I took a deep breath.Then my papa told me what matters the most in our life is our honest attempt to achieve.We should just follow our dreams and forget what others are doing or running for.He took my hand and said we cannot be happy if any of us is not happy.The strain and tension is taking a toll on my health and my chances of a good life.We chatted for an hour or two.But that tea party changed my life.Pessimist Me changed to optimistic Me.I still remember my fathers golden words "We are Together In this Journey".Now I have discovered power of being #together!

Friday 13 March 2015

New Garnier Fructis strengthrning shampoo and conditioner

Its a miracle !!!
I have started getting compliments again for my long and healthy hair.And I can proudly say that its all thanks to the New Garnier Fructis strengthrning shampoo and conditioner.The hair has new bounce.The shine is back.I can say that the Triple nutrition of coconut,almond and olive oil is really doing the wonder.After the fantastic results now I have completely switched to the new Garnier Fructis strengthrning shampoo and conditioner.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Why I am always ready to relocate for a positive change

Ever since man gave up his nomadic lifestyle and settled down the need for a house has been a matter of concern and area of search. Earlier man was a hunter and food gatherer and now instead of searching  for game he searches for a house that he can make his home. This is the state of all those people like me who are in a transferable job. We are the tribe of men and women who live by the eleven month contract. Some may say we are at the mercy of our landlords and bosses who can shunt is to suit their fancies .However I think other wise.  As I have begun to see and take advantage of the situation and make the most of every transfer and relocation. I being a girl was very apprehensive of taking a job in another city. Well into the second year of my first job I began to feel the pressure of office politics. I did not know what to do then I read the office rules carefully and realized that the company could not fire me and at best they could transfer me so slowly I started asserting my self and started taking a stand for myself . Then one day I got transferred to another city.Working conditions were better and I got a couple of promotions and finally got transferred to a bigger city on a better pay package.  After a couple of transfers and job changes I began to notice the befits and believe me they are more benefits if you relocate to a new city every few years. The first advantage is that Every time you relocate you move to another city your company(read good company) pays you some money to relocate. If you move to a bigger city your salary goes up substantially and if you were to relocate to a smaller one then the cost of living is less and I end up saving substantial amount of my salary. The second advantage is if I switch jobs during this relocation then automatically I get bigger and better pay packages.
Thirdly by being open to a transfer or ready to relocated helps me keep my options open at the office. I am less vulnerable to fall pray to office politics nor do I give in to pressures as to do this or you will be transferred. I speak my mind and stick to my guns. This lets me live my professional life on my own terms.
Fourthly I never have to supervise whitewashes or smell fumes from freshly painted wet furniture.
By the time the walls begin to get dirty and need a fresh coat of paint . I decide to move to a better accommodation of my choice.
I always use furniture and in some cases crockery of the latest style as I never buy ,carry and look after my own furniture. I just have to checkout of a well furnished apartment and move into another one of my choice. Its like moving in and out of your  hotel of choice but without having to pay a huge bills.  So I no longer can be bullied by landlords as I  or harassed by office politics.I have the power to choose my landlord, the house that I would live in , the neighbourhood as well as the neighbours !

I am todays modern single women who has discovered the art of living on my own terms thanks to the power of bringing a change and #StartANewLife The most interesting part is that after enjoying  so many transfers I have been offered a job in the same company that I started with and if I were to take it then I would be the boss to the person who used to be my boss when I began my first job
I have earned and save a lot of money that is much more if I had stayed and continues with my first job. Now I am planning to buy my first house with it.

Thursday 5 March 2015

My Dry baby is Happy

My little one is a very active baby. Babies can do so many things and the feat’s that they perform are unimaginable. Daily physical activity is essential for my child’s development and important for children of all ages. He likes to play whenever he is awake. He is always on the go. He is the star of my house. His favorite toy is his teddy bear. He loves to play hide and seek throughout the day. Physical activities foster a healthy body and mind and is important to strengthen the relationship parents have with their children. Babies are never too old to play and they never get tired of playing. My baby loves to play peek-a-boo, play in a sandbox, ride on a swing, go in a pool and play with others. Life with a child can feel hectic but as parents we need to aim for our kid to have regular opportunities to participate in physical activities. A child’s development is very vital for their well being and for this my kid should remain dry and happy. Sometimes he is crawling around and chattering madly and sometimes he is seen playing silently on his play mat. His face lights up in a heart-melting smile when you enter the room, or he wails when someone takes away his favorite toy. Babies love being the center of attention.

He is our alarm clock. He giggles and makes funny voices waking us all up. We are happy when he is happy and playing. They are so eager to learn about just about everything - they just love exploring and playing. He cries when he is in discomfort. If it seems your baby spends more time wailing than giggling, that's because babies actually experience distress Everyone becomes Sherlock Homes trying to find out the real reason of his discomfort. From the moment we first see their little totally adorable faces, we want the best for our babies — and that includes their happiness.

Like me every parent would like to make sure that they are raising a healthy and happy baby.I love my little star so I switched to new Pampers baby Dry pants. It’s the only diaper which is leak proof and ensures dryness on the outside as well as on the inside. I have first hand experience that the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants lives up to its promise of dryness for my baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that my baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. Now my little star remains a dry and a happy baby.This ensures happy mornings and happy nights. The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants are easy to put on and take off.It has a comfortable fit. Pampers Baby Dry Pants can absorb up to 6 wettings. Helps protect the skin. Helps keep skin fresh.Its easy to remove also just tear off the side tabs when pants are soiled. So now the baby is happy as well as the parents.

My experience with Pampers Baby Dry Pants has taught me that it’s the best way of keeping my baby dry for long hours and a dry baby becomes and remains a happy baby

Wednesday 4 March 2015

One moment of lifelong hope and optimism

I still remember the day when my first year college results were out and in spite of my hard work I got very less marks. My whole life centered around my college and marks. I was depressed and didn’t want to face any one. I was devastated and scared that everyone who knew me would come to know of my low marks and would make fun of me. I cried and cried till it was impossible to keep my eyes open. My parents being supportive told me that it did not matter. Nothing had changed and I can still do better next year. They assured me that it was not the end of the world for me but I felt that no one can understand my state of mind and no one cared for my feelings. It is me who would suffer, my friends would tease me. My professors would blame me for not having studied enough. I was the one who was at a loss. I was completely shattered.
My mother who is also my best friend asked me to get an empty glass. She poured water into it till it was half full. Then she asked me to look at the glass and tell her what I saw. Do you see a glass that is half empty or a glass that is half full? Your life is also like that either you can count your blessings and see it as half full and work towards filling up the remaining half glass of life with more success, happiness and contentment or can keep cribbing about the half empty life and waste away what you already have. The half full glass also represented my achievements and the opportunities that I had which I could use to fill up the remaining half glass of my life. The empty half part of the glass represented the possibility to fill it up with whatever I wanted to fill it up with, be it joy or despair, success or failure after all it was my glass of life and I was the one in control. This conversation with my mother was like a pep talk and lifted my sagging spirits. It brought me face to face with the biggest moment of hope and truth of my life. It was a game changing moment that filled me up with hope of a brighter future in which I could achieve anything and everything that I set my eyes upon. That moment rid me of the hurt and the humiliation that I had subjected myself to. It was the moment that filled me up with optimism and worked like a catalyst that triggered me with hope. That moment changed my attitude towards life forever. It gave me a new perspective to face life and every challenge it offers with a new vigor and zeal. So many years have passed by but still whenever I face a difficult situation,the vision of that one moment that filled me up with hope flashes before my eyes and I draw inspiration and strength from it. The memories of that moment are still fresh in my mind and keep recharging me again and again.