Saturday 22 April 2023

Knock Knock Mr Sun!!!


Thank you so much for so many messages.I miss you too guys , thanks for showering so much love through messages. I was busy with other commitments so I could not do any posts here but I was regular on my instagram so in case you are not following me there, do connect.

Heat is on !!! 


Mangoes,watermelon and fresh juices and endless juicy cold options to enjoy this summer.

We need to take care of our loved ones and the birds,animals and people working outside in the sun so whenever someone rings your house bell offer them something to drink, make sure its at room temperature or mild cold like lemon water or fruit juice etc so that they are hydrated.

Keep a bowl of clean water for birds and also for stray dogs and cats.We all deserve this much humanity.Whenever you come back from the heat outside or even when outside drink lemon water at frequent intervals.Wear a cap and carry an umbrella.I remember my Nana and Nani always covered their head with a cap or pallu and carried an umbrella.It makes sense.Its a must. Protect yourself as a top priority.

Heat stroke is a silent killer.Last year my best friend fainted in her office due to heat stroke.When we are indoors in air conditioned rooms we think we are safe from heat and neglect the water intake so dear friends do take good care this summer.

Its the time to enjoy the thunda thunda cool cool fresh fruits, fresh lime water or whatever you like , just enjoy.Remember enjoy Life to the fullest and live in the present moment.

How to know what are the symptoms and what can we do in case of Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion,Heat Cramps,Sunburn and Heat Rash........Well I am listing down all the symptoms and precautions which we can make note of in our mind, so share with your friends too.....

 Heat Stroke

-High Body temperature

-Hot,red and dry skin




-Passing Out 

Bring the person to cooler place.Try to lower the temperature with a cool cloth.Under these conditions immediately consult a doctor,Its a medical emergency.DO NOT GIVE ANYTHING TO DRINK to a unconscious person.

Heat Exhaustion

-Heavy sweating

-Cold,pale skin

-Fast,weak pulse


-Muscle Cramp



-Passing out

Then move the person to a cool place,loosen their clothes.Make them take a little sip of water,lemon water etc and immediately consult a doctor.

 Heat Cramps

-Heavy sweating and muscle pain

Move to a cool place and stop all physical activity.Drink water and relax.Get medical help.

Sun Burn

-Painful red skin

-Blisters on skin

Don't go out in the sun till it heals.Put a cool cloth on the red area.Keep the skin moisturized.Always apply the sun screen lotion before going out in summers.

Heat Rash

-Red clusters like pimples on skin

Stay in cool place keep the rash dry and apply any powder.

Rising temperature,depleting natural resources is alarming. We need everyday - Earth Day – a day that reminds us of our responsibility for our planet and how important it is to protect it.

Before I wrap up today do enjoy this video where a parrot visited my friends house early morning and knocked on their window.My friend made a tent cover with a cloth and clips to protect him from the heat and fed it with grapes and water which he accepted happily and flew away in the evening......