Monday 8 June 2020

With Love From Goa

Its almost three months of lock down and covid 19 mayhem.I feel life has become more mundane and hectic.We need to look after the house, our office work and need time to worry about our future.

What I miss the most is my first Love, i.e. Travel.

I have been to Goa many times as I love to travel and I fell in love with it again and again.People remember it for parties. But for me Goa is Known for its beautiful white-sand beaches, heritage buildings, laidback lifestyle, and its food, Goa is a popular destination for the tourist and the adventure seeker alike.Goa is the only place where I feel anything and everything is cool.People are simple. Its a blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures.

I feel peaceful and relaxed there with simplicity and nature.

Goa's beauty always mesmerize me

Lalit Hotel Goa

Lalit Hotel Goa

There is another thing which fascinates me about Goa is that its the hometown of Remo Fernandes.
Remo all time hit songs
Movie Bombay "Humma Humma"
        Pyar To Hona Hi Tha "Pyar To Hona Hi Tha"
        Jalwa "Dekho Dekho Yeh Hai Jalwa"

We started our trip on 22nd spetember 2008.We covered all the places we had planned for.I still remember it was the last day of our trip of Goa it was 27th September 2008.We reached the Goa airport.My mom asked me if I was happy with my trip and all my shopping is done.I told her everything went well only one wish is still unfulfilled.I did not meet Remo Fernandes, I researched and went to all the places where I could possibly meet him.As soon as I spoke these very words we saw Remo coming towards us, it was unbelievable.This has never happened before that my wish was heard by God so fast.I could not believe my eyes and I was glued to where I was standing.He was going to Bangalore with his troupe to perform.He was so near me just standing next to me.I excitedly said Hi to him and told him I was just taking your name and you are in front of me.He gave me his autograph.Unfortunately I did not have a mobile phone or digital camera during those days so could not take clicks but the memory is still etched in my heart.

Remo you rock.Your voice refreshes my mind,body and soul ...Pyaar to hona hi tha..............

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