Friday 17 April 2020

Bringing Smiles

A Big Hello to you all !!!
Last few weeks have been chaotic/uncertain and dubious for some.We are all impacted in some way or the other.Many of us are worrying about jobs/school/college/economy and what not.
The best part is We all are in this together, Lets get through this together.
Be Positive and keep smiling.

And exactly this is being promoted by
"When life locks us in, we send smiles and Free eGifts-"

They are offering digital copies of the product that you will be able to gift to your recipients. These will be delivered to you or to your recipient via email.

To Place you Free eGift order for yourself or your recipient
Write to

This is the best gift you can gift to your loved ones turning their worrisome frowns into smiles
Now you have a good reason to smile and make others smile

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