Monday 27 April 2020


This is how its looks like in my lane where I live in Delhi

Past - In day time, on week days there used to be no cars and only maids were seen active.
Present - lane is full of cars, streets deserted
Future - Everything will get back to same once lockdown is over.People will be seen rushing to work.Only maids and drivers would be seen in my colony.

Past - Families lived together.Usually two generations lived, fought,loved each other but together.Ladies of the house managed the house and children and waited for their husband in the evenings to return from their work, went to picnics on weekends and it was fun.
Present - I live in a posh colony of Delhi.And at present the scenario is Many Parents are living alone, its a fashion to send their children abroad in the name of higher studies and good prospects where they create their own lives and families.Neither the parents nor the children have the patience nor time to live together anymore.Parents proudly share their stories and tell others that their children are in USA and living a grand life but in reality they are alone from inside but human ego is such that neither of them wants to change their habits for each other.Now in this period of lock down they are all alone without anyone to care for them.No social life except video chats.Is it worrying or just fine.Its debatable.The reality is we don't have any patience or rather we don't want to compromise for anybody we all are financialy independent and have ego issues.And now when a boys family search for a bride their first question is how much does a girl earn??? Huh??? is it a criteria. I am still confused on that part and when somebody asks me I get perturbed because I am looking for a life partner and not doing an investment.In the name of women empowerment we ladies are being exploited.There are three broad categories of women a)Very successful,powerful but their family life is zero b)Those who handover their salaries to their husband and in-laws and do all household work , well their success rate is better c) The third poor housewives who are being questioned by their families as to what do they do for their family.Is managing a house  not a full time job that too without a salary well again its a very debatable topic, some may agree and some may not.But yes I can say for myself I am looking for a good person who respects me as an individual and who is willing to share his life with me, open heartedly.Who is ready to walk with me hand in hand as we together explore the ups and downs of this journey called life.
Future - I don't know really.Maybe all will get back to the same.

Past - Fashion was limited.Simple living.
Present - Fashion unlimited but due to the lock down we are adopting to essential habit of wearing a mask without caring about its color as its a must to be alive.
Future - At least I know this for sure we are all going to see this in practice worldwide.Now you will see a new section of mask, of different colors,materials,fashion which you can buy according to your wardrobe collection or rather next time when you are going to buy a dress for yourself there will be a matching mask with it.

I hope and pray to God that this Covid 19 crisis gets over soon without any further damage to our economy,lives and livelihood.And we chose the right life and habits.

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