Wednesday 3 May 2023

Perfect way to Enjoy - Ice Creammmmm!!!

Ice cream is everyone's favorite irrespective of weather, occasion or mood.It always brings happiness, pleasure and smiles.

To thank Indra Dev for the awesome weather in Delhi.

Such a refreshing beautiful, fresh air and coolness which is so rare in the month of May.

I love it so much!!!

Feel like wrapping myself in a blanket and enjoy Ice cream.And secondly its my brother's birthday month so I ordered a few flavors of my favorite NIC Ice cream.My friends know that Madagascar chocolate is my all time favorite.

Its so yummy
- No added preservatives

- Made with organic milk

- Use Finest ingredients

- All fruits are hand-picked, manually cleaned, and are only used whole

- Variety of Flavors with over 50+ flavors

- Tender Coconut, Alphonso Mango, Dry Fruit Overload, Roasted Almonds to international flavors such as Mediterranean Sea Salted Caramel, Madagascar Chocolate, French Vanilla, and those inspired by Indian sweetmeats such as Gulab Jamun, Sheer Khurma, Til Gud, and Gajar Halwa, to name a few.

- No artificial flavors, no coloring agents and zero preservatives

All ingredients are hand-picked, the fruits are manually cleaned and whole fruits are used in production. That’s the reason they are 'Handcrafted Ice Creams’. Since there are no preservatives, the shelf life of the product is just 45 days (Once at home, finishes quickly, as loved by all).

They have been awarded prestigious rising brand of Asia 2021-22 (Ice Cream Category)

They have 16 Parlors in 86 Cities and 250 Pickup Points

Go Grab your Ice Cream Now !!! or can order through zomato

Or explore the range here

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