Saturday 20 June 2015

From musty to heavenly

Home my sweet home. I love my home. I do each and everything to make it beautiful and attractive. I keep changing the interiors. My efforts are always appreciated and I have received many compliments for my sense of decorating and my fashion sense for keeping the interiors of my home updated. I am a typical Virgo who is a die hard worker and a great stickler for hygiene. Bad odor is a big challenge for me. We live in apartments where my neighbors cook non vegetarian food. The smell of the food being cooked comes directly into my sweet home. We are pure vegetarians and we find it difficult to tolerate this smell. I find it quite difficult to adjust my senses. I do not have any grievance against my neighbor as it is an important part of their diet. What I call as a bad odor is a heavenly aroma for them. The only problem is that once that smell permeates my home it spreads to every nook and corner. On top of that the smell does not leave our house for days. I have tried different tips and room fresheners but all the solutions miserably failed as the odor over powers these fragrances. I feel disheartened and helpless. I have tried dadi maa's nuskhas to every product available in the market. I buy fresh flowers everyday and decorate them in each corner of the house to make my home feel fresh but all my efforts are in vain.
Another bad odor which makes me miserable is when the clothes don’t get enough sunlight and they smell especially during the monsoons. Due to excessive rains we have to dry our clothes indoors which make the room and our clothes smell bad, damp and moist a smell which is simply unbearable .We again make all efforts to make our home and clothes feel fresh and fragrant. We try different perfumes, sprays but again the same story. All the efforts are temporary. Except for these testing times our home is heaven. During the monsoon time even our guests and relatives avoid us and make excuses for not visiting our home. Its frustrating .Recently one of my friends came to visit me and she showed her discomfort and complained of this horrible odor with which we have been living for so many months. I felt so embarrassed and unhappy. Seeing my teary eyes she took me to a coffee shop as it was unbearable to sit and chat in my home. Over a cup of coffee she suggested that I use the Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. She told me about its Unique Odor Fighting Ingredients which eliminates Malodors by its Innovative Propellant System and keeps the room Fresh and Fragrant
now it was time to Bid goodbye to the bad odor around the house by this Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. It has Stronger and more efficient ingredients which work in order to fight all bad odors and leave my home smelling much more pleasant and calming.I now agree that Ambi Pur Air Effects doesn't just cover odors ,it completely removes them.
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