Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pampers baby dry pants for a good nights sleep

For us adults bedtime is all about hitting the sack tired after a hard day’s work and going to sleep, to get up refreshed and start a fresh day ahead. How ever  when  I became a mother I realized that for a baby there is so much more happening at bedtime than merely going to sleep. As parents we like to shower our baby with love and attention and our little ones indulge in all sort of antics to catch our attention. Bedtime is no different for my baby in our home.The entire day passes by in different activities but the real testing time comes as the night approaches As we adults worn out and tired after a hectic day are just ready to sleep the little one has different plans. It is wide awake after having its share of sleep during the day and is in a playful mood. I am feeling drowsy and try to pat him to sleep but he is in no mood for this. Having failed in catching my attention he starts making strange sounds and moving his tiny arms and legs in rhythm.I know that there was to be no respite for me so I try and cuddle him to sleep but alas this has no effect on him and he plucks at my hair and bringing his face close to mine starts blowing bubbles at me.His naughty antics has me all awake and in fits of laughter.To distract his attention I turn on the battery operated musical chime attached to his bed which glows and revolves accompanied with music. He looks at the toy with interest for a while but soon his interest wears off  and he makes impatient sounds which turn into cries. I realize that it is time to talk to him and do some story telling. So I embark on my task of a story teller and tell him stories about queens and kings, which I had heard in my childhood from my mother. It was a new activity for him and kept him engrossed for some time and then steadily calms him to sleep. Thankfully I close my eyes and doze off. but this peace used to be short lived as I  awoke by the sound of my baby crying. I used to pick him up to realize that the sheet was wet, and the culprit for causing him discomfort. I was perplexed and wondered as to what to do so that my child be spared this discomfiture and have a night’s sleep without any interruption. Then Pampers baby dry pants came to my mind and I started using it to ensure a good night’s sleep for my baby. It is just the right choice as it keeps my baby completely dry with no wetness either inside or outside. Now I can rest assured knowing that I have taken the right step for my little baby by adding the pamper dry pants. It has baby lotion to keep the skin soft and moisturized.It can absorb up to 5 glasses of fluid to keep the baby dry pant in a dry condition both from the inside and outside for up to 10 hours. The night time ritual for my baby remains the same with the addition of 1 pamper baby dry pant = 1 nights good sleep.

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