Sunday 1 February 2015

Why I love Quikr Nxt Chat

I am a shopaholic. I am the first to try new products among my family and friends. Whatever new product is launched in the market “I must have it” is my motto. Whether its a new dress, a new range of jewellery, a new power saving LED TV, or a new smartphone, there is no end to my shopping list that I intend to buy or end up buying. Now I have so many products that I have no  space left to keep them .My mother has given me an ultimatum to make space or else she would not allow me to buy anything new. Such a notice would surely sound the death knell for an ardent shopping lover like me. So I decided to sell all my old stuff on and now its my favorite place to buy and sell.

Being a working girl.Its not easy to manage selling or buying specially selling to unknown people and strangers. I am thankful to for introducing the Quikr Nxt chat service

Whats this?

Its a fantastic tool just like  Aladdin's lamp. Now I can buy and sell products over chat without any hassle.
Before this tool I always hesitated sharing my mobile number/contact number with strangers but now with Quikr Nxt chat tool I need not share my number with anyone .Quikr Nxt assures complete number privacy. 

Just interact with the buyers via chat anytime and anywhere. Now I can chat while traveling, or when I am in a meeting or at home. When I am out of city or abroad even then I can chat without spending a penny. I can now be a multi-tasker thanks to this facility. Earlier when I used to connect with prospective buyers I could speak to only one person at a time so the phone used to keep ringing the whole day and I ended up wasting so much time and repeating myself over and over again and this put a lot of strain on my throat and communicating with so many people became a nightmare. With the Quikr Nxt chat feature I can chat with multiple people at the same time it saves both time and money for both the buyer and the seller.
This has given me wings and I am feeling liberated. Wow what a feeling.

The best part is that  I can keep  track of all the past chat sessions  and in a glance decide which buyer or seller to finalise. I no longer have to keep records manually or burden my mind with all the past conversations. Quikr is so famous that one gets so many calls and its not easy to maintain a record so with the Qukr Nxt chat feature  communicating with multiple Quikr users becomes a hassle free experience. 

There is no limit to sharing photographs of the product, so while chatting with the prospective buyer I can take him or her through the minutest details of the product, sharing different (each and every angle) of the product making me and my prospective buyer happy and confident. It also helps the prospective buyer in making up his/her mind about the final decision of buying. It's a virtual market place where I can showcase my best products and get the best price.

No doubt With Quikr NXT 

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