Tuesday 17 February 2015

My Love My Hair

I always got compliments for my long and healthy hair.Everyone asked me the secret behind this.There was a time when I was very proud of my hair.I thought this would never change but as pollution level is going up so are my tensions at home and office.Lack of good food,sleep and new challenges are reflecting in the way my hair now looks like.My hair have thinned.They have lost the shine and glamour.split ends,lifeless hair have added to my list of concern.I want my good healthy,shining hair back again.I want one simple solution which can help me face the day to day challenges of pollution as well as where I can try new hair styles and colors without the fear of hair damage and breakage.I got the Garnier Fructis strengthrning shampoo and conditioner.Its a very attractive bottle with refreshing fragrance.It says Triple nutrition of coconut,almond and olive oil.I think its what I need for my hair.A complete solution.

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