Tuesday 17 February 2015

Five Steps To Life Befikar

I am a person who lives from salary to salary. I believe in living within my budget and saving for the future. In the process of implementing this theory into practice a lot of my wishes remain unfulfilled and that I postpone for a future date in the hope that at some point in my life I would have enough money and resources to make these wishes a reality. As a result I have a long list of wishes that I have in my list.I am talking about the bucket list of my wishes.
My first wish is to have buckets full of money,  that is lump sum money that makes me feel not only rich but also secure. I have seen and experienced the therapeutic value of money on every first day of the month when I get my salary I simply feel on top of the world and I feel that I can buy anything and every thing. It brings with it a certain warmth and sense of well being This feeling is short lived and with each passing day diminishes as the month draws to an end. My buying power is greatly reduced and my only silver lining is the first of the coming month. So I wish to have lump sum money which will give me a sense of richness.
My second wish is to have a big house of my own. I have spent most of my career in transferable jobs It is my ardent desire to have a house which I can call as my home, fitted with all the luxuries and amenities, which has a garden where I can fulfill my desire of having a kitchen garden as well as a front lawn with lush green grass where I can relax after a hard day’s work.
My third wish is to own a luxury car which will not only enhance my status but will also be my style statement. At present I am a commuter who rushes to catch either the bus or the train every morning and evening. On holidays I have to rely on autos for moving about the city. With my own car I would be able to move at my own convenience.
My fourth wish is to see the world that too not on a shoe string budget. I want to travel but money constraints do not permit me to enjoy this luxury. I can only wistfully read about people’s travel tales or read the advertisements offering tourist attractions as an incentive to attract people to buy tickets. Alas this is not for me as even after the stringiest of budgeting I never seem to have the surplus funds required for such a luxury like a foreign travel and exploring the world seems to be a distant dream for me at least. So I want to have funds with which I can enjoy going on a world tour without scrimping and travel in style, in the best class and stay at the best hotels.
My fifth wish is to lead a retired life in the same style without having to make compromises on luxuries and amenities. To be able to provide to my family the best of everything and provide for them even when I am no longer with them.So I want to live a life #BefikarUmarBhar


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