Sunday 1 February 2015

Defining My Mom My Superwoman

My Mom My Superwoman
My Mother is the person whom I admire the most for she has a never say die spirit. Whatever and however big the adversity she is always up for a challenge.She is a true multitasker who constantly keeps reinventing herself and learning new skills and updating both her knowledge and skill set to face any new challenge and convert it  to an opportunity. I have seen her playing many different roles like that of a daughter, a wife a sister and a working professional. She constantly juggles these two complex conflicting ,demanding realms of personal domestic life and her professional career. I have seen her do this day in day out without a complaint. So many times I wonder from where she gets this energy and the resolve to deal with so many different issues, demands and expectations. Even on holidays when she is not working she is still doing the full time role and fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter, daughter in law and is always ready to help whoever comes to her,she is always there for them.

I have begun to see her in the role of a superman. A Lot of times I ask her that though she eats the same things as we the rest of the family does then from where does she get her tireless energy . To this she unassumingly says its our love that keeps her going. I have seen her work in different departments of her office. She has faced so many challenges and opposition in her male dominated work environment that had I been in her place I would have quit long time ago. However she is not a quitter, she has the habit of holding her ground and approach every task that comes her way with full integrity and diligence.She is a firm believer in what Kabir Ji said “karat karat abhyaas ke, jadmati hoth Sujaanrasri aavat jaat se, pathar par pade nisaan” In her career she has always excelled due to her hard work and perseverance and whenever in her pursuit to excel and rise she faces a glass ceiling. She worked with a harder resolve and determination. Her faith and determination to stand for what she believes in has stood like a rock and in front of this Everest like zeal to excel, many glass ceilings have crumbled.
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