Saturday 14 March 2015

Together we can

When I was a small kid.I had many dreams.One day I wanted to be a doctor and the other dreamt of becoming an Engineer.My dreams were numerous which kept changing with time.When I was in class 10th I felt I can achieve anything.The world is open for me to explore.With time, studies got tough and the tension also increased.Everyone was only interested in marks.My teachers, principal,neighbors,friends all emphasized on my getting maximum marks.I was told by them that if I score topmost  marks only then can I fulfill my dreams otherwise I should forget getting the subjects of my choice.It was the most tense period of my life.Like others my main focus became how to get the best marks.All my aspirations looked a distant dream.I lost my sleep.As a result my health suffered.I got ill again and again.My
immunity became low.I could see time slipping out of my hands.I was so depressed that I felt like ending my life as I could not handle the pressure any more.I was about to burst with tension and pressure.On one such day when I returned home after a exhausting school day,an invitation card was waiting for me on my desk.Curiously I opened the envelope which said that I have been invited for a tea party.And the venue mentioned was my own home.But there was no other information except the time and the place.I went running to mom and asked her about the invite.She said with a smile that I would come to know in the evening.At 5 pm as mentioned in the invitation card I reached the main hall of my home all dressed up with just one question in my mind as to what the party was about.And who is the host of this party.The room was decorated with balloons, colored papers etc.It looked perfect for a party.The table was decorated with all good food,all my favorite cookies,cakes,muffins and a tea pot.I took the chair and waited for my host.I was so excited to know the mystery behind this tea party.Then
came my mummy and papa and asked me as to how I liked the room and the cookies etc.I was surprised.I asked them why they had sent the invitation card and why had they decorated the room and why a tea party if we were the only people for the party and what was the occasion.
My parents just smiled.They asked me to sit and relax.My mom poured hot tea from the teapot and offered me my favorite cookies.My father said that they missed their daughters smile thats why this party had been arranged.He gave me a mirror and asked me to look into it.My face was glowing with happiness.This mystery party took away from me the frown,tensions and stress.I took a deep breath.Then my papa told me what matters the most in our life is our honest attempt to achieve.We should just follow our dreams and forget what others are doing or running for.He took my hand and said we cannot be happy if any of us is not happy.The strain and tension is taking a toll on my health and my chances of a good life.We chatted for an hour or two.But that tea party changed my life.Pessimist Me changed to optimistic Me.I still remember my fathers golden words "We are Together In this Journey".Now I have discovered power of being #together!

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