Wednesday 4 March 2015

One moment of lifelong hope and optimism

I still remember the day when my first year college results were out and in spite of my hard work I got very less marks. My whole life centered around my college and marks. I was depressed and didn’t want to face any one. I was devastated and scared that everyone who knew me would come to know of my low marks and would make fun of me. I cried and cried till it was impossible to keep my eyes open. My parents being supportive told me that it did not matter. Nothing had changed and I can still do better next year. They assured me that it was not the end of the world for me but I felt that no one can understand my state of mind and no one cared for my feelings. It is me who would suffer, my friends would tease me. My professors would blame me for not having studied enough. I was the one who was at a loss. I was completely shattered.
My mother who is also my best friend asked me to get an empty glass. She poured water into it till it was half full. Then she asked me to look at the glass and tell her what I saw. Do you see a glass that is half empty or a glass that is half full? Your life is also like that either you can count your blessings and see it as half full and work towards filling up the remaining half glass of life with more success, happiness and contentment or can keep cribbing about the half empty life and waste away what you already have. The half full glass also represented my achievements and the opportunities that I had which I could use to fill up the remaining half glass of my life. The empty half part of the glass represented the possibility to fill it up with whatever I wanted to fill it up with, be it joy or despair, success or failure after all it was my glass of life and I was the one in control. This conversation with my mother was like a pep talk and lifted my sagging spirits. It brought me face to face with the biggest moment of hope and truth of my life. It was a game changing moment that filled me up with hope of a brighter future in which I could achieve anything and everything that I set my eyes upon. That moment rid me of the hurt and the humiliation that I had subjected myself to. It was the moment that filled me up with optimism and worked like a catalyst that triggered me with hope. That moment changed my attitude towards life forever. It gave me a new perspective to face life and every challenge it offers with a new vigor and zeal. So many years have passed by but still whenever I face a difficult situation,the vision of that one moment that filled me up with hope flashes before my eyes and I draw inspiration and strength from it. The memories of that moment are still fresh in my mind and keep recharging me again and again.

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