Monday 16 March 2015

Food in Singapore and My Takeaways

When I went to Singapore I found so many places to eat be it roadside eateries,restaurants or posh five star joints. However the one thing that was strikingly similar and common about almost all these place was the food which was good looking and inviting . They seem to be vying with each other to put the best food on your plate

If food could speak then I am sure it would say"Welcome to Singapore for it is not just an Island nation but an Oasis of food where whatever kind of food you want is available"
Food here is not just to fill your tummy or satiate your taste buds but it is a celebration of life. It is celebration of the art ,craft and science of cooking. Singapore food experience is like visiting a temple or any holy place where homage and obeisance is paid to your deity.

 In restaurants making food is like paying respect to the ingredients. I have visited a number of restaurants in Singapore. Indian, Japanese and other oriental and Continental. The one thing that I found and appreciated most is the passion for creating together a wonderful meal for you. I remember once I went to a Japanese restaurant as I had heard a lot about it. I checked the menu and wanted to order a pure vegetarian dish. I told the restaurant manager who seemed perplexed as a lot of Japanese dishes use stock that has animal origin. However then the chef came out himself and asked me to wait. He prepared a meal especially for me that was totally vegetarian. This is despite the fact that it was near to their closing time and he and his team must have been tired after a hard day at the restaurant. Yet he and his team were eager to put together a meal for a pure vegetarian Indian as they did not want me to go away hungry. Such is the passion of the people in the cooking industry. They maintain very high quality of hygiene and cleanliness. The whole process from preparing the ingredients, to cooking,plating and then putting it on the table for you is done with utmost perfection. It is a ritual that they might have done a thousand times however their zeal and body language tells that their passion to serve a perfectly honest dish  on the table for you has not diminished.

Whenever you travel to another part of the world you notice how the same dish tastes different. Here in Singapore just as the population is a mix of people from various parts of the world. So are the dishes depending upon your choice. You can choose the classic variants, the adapted ones and the ones which are fusion dishes. Irrespective of what you choose your taste buds would be pleasantly surprised by the feast that is laid in front of your eyes.

Finally my takeaways about the delicious food available in Singapore are 

#1. Singapore is one country but you can get food from around the world. the food does not cost a bomb. What ever amount you want to spend on food from a few dollars to a few thousand there is plenty of food choices available in your selected budget and type of food.

#2. If you get good food that is healthy and to your taste in a foreign land that it is the best way of having meals, filling your tummy and then with the energy you get you can go about doing whatever you want to do. Good food is one of the necessities for which a person lives and works. It is certainly taken care of very well in Singapore. 

#3. Whatever type of body structure you may have and whatever your food requirement. Your food preferences may be influenced by ethnicity or religion. There is plenty of variety and quantity to get you a delicious meal

#4 After having food that is delicious and that is served in a clean environment the first thing that you feel is this is heaven. They serve such wonderful food,its so clean and it does not cost a fortune. Where else can it be but in heaven.

All the memes have been created by me and all the pictures were taken by me on my last trip to Singapore.

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