Thursday 5 March 2015

My Dry baby is Happy

My little one is a very active baby. Babies can do so many things and the feat’s that they perform are unimaginable. Daily physical activity is essential for my child’s development and important for children of all ages. He likes to play whenever he is awake. He is always on the go. He is the star of my house. His favorite toy is his teddy bear. He loves to play hide and seek throughout the day. Physical activities foster a healthy body and mind and is important to strengthen the relationship parents have with their children. Babies are never too old to play and they never get tired of playing. My baby loves to play peek-a-boo, play in a sandbox, ride on a swing, go in a pool and play with others. Life with a child can feel hectic but as parents we need to aim for our kid to have regular opportunities to participate in physical activities. A child’s development is very vital for their well being and for this my kid should remain dry and happy. Sometimes he is crawling around and chattering madly and sometimes he is seen playing silently on his play mat. His face lights up in a heart-melting smile when you enter the room, or he wails when someone takes away his favorite toy. Babies love being the center of attention.

He is our alarm clock. He giggles and makes funny voices waking us all up. We are happy when he is happy and playing. They are so eager to learn about just about everything - they just love exploring and playing. He cries when he is in discomfort. If it seems your baby spends more time wailing than giggling, that's because babies actually experience distress Everyone becomes Sherlock Homes trying to find out the real reason of his discomfort. From the moment we first see their little totally adorable faces, we want the best for our babies — and that includes their happiness.

Like me every parent would like to make sure that they are raising a healthy and happy baby.I love my little star so I switched to new Pampers baby Dry pants. It’s the only diaper which is leak proof and ensures dryness on the outside as well as on the inside. I have first hand experience that the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants lives up to its promise of dryness for my baby on the inside. Its Magic Gel locks in moisture so that my baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. Now my little star remains a dry and a happy baby.This ensures happy mornings and happy nights. The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants are easy to put on and take off.It has a comfortable fit. Pampers Baby Dry Pants can absorb up to 6 wettings. Helps protect the skin. Helps keep skin fresh.Its easy to remove also just tear off the side tabs when pants are soiled. So now the baby is happy as well as the parents.

My experience with Pampers Baby Dry Pants has taught me that it’s the best way of keeping my baby dry for long hours and a dry baby becomes and remains a happy baby

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