Tuesday 10 March 2015

Why I am always ready to relocate for a positive change

Ever since man gave up his nomadic lifestyle and settled down the need for a house has been a matter of concern and area of search. Earlier man was a hunter and food gatherer and now instead of searching  for game he searches for a house that he can make his home. This is the state of all those people like me who are in a transferable job. We are the tribe of men and women who live by the eleven month contract. Some may say we are at the mercy of our landlords and bosses who can shunt is to suit their fancies .However I think other wise.  As I have begun to see and take advantage of the situation and make the most of every transfer and relocation. I being a girl was very apprehensive of taking a job in another city. Well into the second year of my first job I began to feel the pressure of office politics. I did not know what to do then I read the office rules carefully and realized that the company could not fire me and at best they could transfer me so slowly I started asserting my self and started taking a stand for myself . Then one day I got transferred to another city.Working conditions were better and I got a couple of promotions and finally got transferred to a bigger city on a better pay package.  After a couple of transfers and job changes I began to notice the befits and believe me they are more benefits if you relocate to a new city every few years. The first advantage is that Every time you relocate you move to another city your company(read good company) pays you some money to relocate. If you move to a bigger city your salary goes up substantially and if you were to relocate to a smaller one then the cost of living is less and I end up saving substantial amount of my salary. The second advantage is if I switch jobs during this relocation then automatically I get bigger and better pay packages.
Thirdly by being open to a transfer or ready to relocated helps me keep my options open at the office. I am less vulnerable to fall pray to office politics nor do I give in to pressures as to do this or you will be transferred. I speak my mind and stick to my guns. This lets me live my professional life on my own terms.
Fourthly I never have to supervise whitewashes or smell fumes from freshly painted wet furniture.
By the time the walls begin to get dirty and need a fresh coat of paint . I decide to move to a better accommodation of my choice.
I always use furniture and in some cases crockery of the latest style as I never buy ,carry and look after my own furniture. I just have to checkout of a well furnished apartment and move into another one of my choice. Its like moving in and out of your  hotel of choice but without having to pay a huge bills.  So I no longer can be bullied by landlords as I  or harassed by office politics.I have the power to choose my landlord, the house that I would live in , the neighbourhood as well as the neighbours !

I am todays modern single women who has discovered the art of living on my own terms thanks to the power of bringing a change and #StartANewLife The most interesting part is that after enjoying  so many transfers I have been offered a job in the same company that I started with and if I were to take it then I would be the boss to the person who used to be my boss when I began my first job
I have earned and save a lot of money that is much more if I had stayed and continues with my first job. Now I am planning to buy my first house with it.

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