Saturday 11 April 2015

Following my heart my dil ki deal

It was my birthday. I was going to be nine years old that year. Like every other kid I was also very excited for my coming birthday. I started reminding my family about it a month before. My gift list was ready like every year. I was very excited. I had also invited my friends in advance. I asked my parents to hold a grand party. A special birthday dress was ordered for me in accordance with the latest fashion and style. Special dishes and sweets were ordered for my special day. I was beaming with excitement and glowing with happiness. I daily crossed the dates on the calendar. And finally the day came when it was my birthday. I was all dressed up for the party but a bigger surprise awaited me. I was taken to a toy store and asked to wait outside. I looked through the glass shopping window and found the shop very enticing with so many beautiful toys. It was like a wonderland but I was asked to wait outside. I saw my father talking animatedly to the salesman trying to explain something. He led him to another part of the store where I could barely see him. Then my father turned back and asked me to enter the shop. The moment I entered then the entire team of salesmen started clapping and singing "Happy Birthday To You”. I felt so special. He led me to the doll section which had almost all the dolls that I had ever wanted and asked me to take my pick. When I had selected a doll I asked my father to order for two of the same kind. On inquiring I told him that one was for me and the other is for Maya, the daughter of our maid. This surprised him and I told him that he only had taught me that in our special moments we should always think about others as well.
My father is my super hero. He gave me the biggest gift of my life on my birthday. I would have never thought about others in my hour of happiness if he had not taught me so. There were two girls beaming with happiness on my birthday me and Maya, our maid's daughter. She wished me as well thanked me as due to me she had also got a present. This was the best present I had ever received from my father. It was just not a doll but a voice from my heart. That moment is still fresh in my mind. From that day till today I listen to my heart and share my best moments with my family as well as the needy. I make sure everyone around me is happy and content on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and festivals. Small gestures make a big difference to others. We should not be selfish and share our happiness, joy and good things with others and trust me it multiplies our happiness too. So always listen to your heart and do the dil ki deal.
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