Saturday 11 April 2015

Winning with my Dil ki deal

We are more than sisters. We are not related but still care for each other. Often people asked us if we were sisters. We have been friends for more than 10 years now. We know each other more than anyone else. We often fought but we loved each other a lot. We went to the movies and also went shopping together. Even we had the same kind of dresses in our wardrobe. My friend being a Bengali belonged to a different caste but that too didn’t make any difference to our friendship. We had the same zodiac sign. There was just a 2 days difference between our birthdays. We loved each other immensely
and tried our best to make each other feel special and cared for. It was our eighteenth birthday and we were very excited. We had great plans for our special day. We designed our dresses for the great day. The menu was an elaborate affair. We wanted to look the best after all we were turning 18.We were like twins - same birthday month, same favorite actor Salman Khan, same college and same food preferences. There were only two days left for my best friend’s birthday which came just before my birthday. I bought a beautiful pendent for her which she had admired in the show window. I used all of my pocket money to purchase her this gift. On her birthday when I called her to wish she broke down and cried. I asked her the reason for her tears. She asked me to cancel all her birthday celebrations. I tried my best to console her but her tears did not stop. At last after a lot of persuasion she told me the reason. She had just noticed that a rash had broken out on her face. She was devastated. She didn’t want to face anyone looking like this on her biggest special day. I told her that if she would not celebrate her birthday then I won’t celebrate my birthday too. We cried. She felt that it’s the worst day and on top of that the worst birthday. I kept the phone but I didn’t lose the hope and I was sure there must be a way out of this problem. I searched on the internet to find the possible solutions for the rash, an instant fix or something but I was sure nothing can give an instant solution. On the other hand my best friend didn’t have any food that day and just kept crying. She declared that there won’t be any celebration. Her mother asked me to convince her that it’s just a rash and nothing serious. But for us it was not less than a national crisis. As the clock struck 5 I panicked as the guests were invited for 7 pm and there was only 2 hours left so I asked my friend to get ready. It was not easy to convince her but somehow she agreed only because she trusted me. My dearest friend came down to the main hall where the arrangements were made. She couldn’t believe what I had done for her to make her day more special. I had arranged candles all over the room and the lights were switched off. Everyone was excited at the atmosphere created and they did not pay much attention to her face. We all enjoyed the candle lit party. She thanked me and said that I had given her the best gift of her life. I told her that it was my Dil ki deal for her.
“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”

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