Monday 13 April 2015

From beautiful to clean

The world of cricket ruled the hearts of millions of people. There were only two options before the people. One was to watch cricket in the stadium live or listen to the live commentary on the radio. It was much later that the cricketers caught the imagination of the advertisers. It proved to be a turning point in their careers. Now one can see their faces splashed on billboards and nearly every other ad on the TV had cricketers talking about different products. Before them it was the cine stars that were featured in a lot of the advertisements. I still remember my mother and grandmother telling me and fondly remembering the Lux soap series of adverts. These adverts were popular even before the advent of television in India. They were popular as print ads, hoardings and posters. When TV started in India Doordarshan was the only channel around. So when these Lux soap campaigns appeared as TV commercials became an instant hit and were quite an attraction in the days of single-channel television. This was the time television was just emerging as a medium of entertainment it was more an experimental medium that propagated education and information. It had  cultural programs  and news so these Lux soap advertisements brought in an entertainment value and glam factor to the television I remember in my household my grandparents and uncles and aunts sat crowding around the television to get a glimpse of their favorite cine  stars even though it used to be only for a few seconds yet it brought them close to these tinsel town celebrities .It appeared to them that these  cine stars  had come to their homes through the medium of television. These Lux soap ads were featuring some of the most sought after heroines of those times. Being featured in the Lux campaigns made these actresses instant role models. Every one wanted to bathe with these soaps and instantly become beautiful like them. I do not know how many of these people actually  became beautiful  but it seems the hope of becoming beautiful continues to this day as people name their daughters as Hema,Asha, Babita, Madhu (after Madhubala) Madhuri, Kareena and Aishwarya. They give them the Lux soap to bathe in the hope that they would become beautiful like their name sake actresses. Actually these ads gave  not just  a national pastime of becoming beauty queens, miss worlds and miss universe but also instilled in these girls the awareness and benefits of being clean. Just as it is said and widely believed that you educate a girl and you educate the entire family similarly when a girl bathing with the Lux soap feels beautiful and clean so she instills the sense of beauty and cleanliness in the whole family. Perhaps it this belief in cleanliness that so many households and people in this country are whole heartedly supporting the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan  and making India beautiful and clean. Hope that this IPL too brings some nice ads that can survive and transcend generations. They should bring in a change in the psyche of the nation and bring about a positive change.

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