Monday 13 April 2015

Ads and who take the Moolah

With increasing TV viewing, video ads have not only become a craze but also a necessity. You name the product and there is a video ad for it. The visual media is more effective than any other form of advertising. These ads are pertaining to different products available in the market. They influence the prospective buyers when they plan to buy that specific product. A well made video ad leaves a positive influence on the audience and they are more inclined to buy that product when they go shopping.
Companies devise new ways to present their products. Their main aim is to grab a share of the market. The video ads are meant to increase their sales. More buyers mean more revenue. Different companies selling the same product vie with each other to gain attention as well as money. They employ different means to be more popular and money spinners. They therefore enroll the services of celebrities to talk about their products. The celebrities are shown using the products and talking about how good and effective they are. The masses are easily influenced in making their purchase decisions when they see a celebrity using that product. There was a time when the celebrities did not have so much of exposure to the public. They were confined to their field only and interviews were their forte. For example the cricketers talked only about their performance on the cricket field and the film stars talked about their films. There was no monetary benefit for them in this. Now things have changed and the celebrities are the hottest icons with a large fan following. Video ads have made them most popular and greater their following; greater is their demand by companies who want to rake in the moolah using them to endorse their products. Large amounts of money are paid to these celebrities for appearing in the ads of different companies. They endorse different products from clothes to beauty products like soap, cosmetics, fairness creams and even laundry detergents. Even the realtors have roped them in to advertise for their property projects. People think that these celebrities have actually bought a house in these projects inspiring them to do the same. If the celebrities are separated from these ads then they would lose their presence, as they would appear less on the television and would be away from the public eye. The biggest disadvantage would be the monetary loss which they would suffer. As no ads for them now would mean no fat chunks of money. The celebrities are at the moment in the list of would be billionaires and their absence from the world of ads would shrink this list. They have become so much accustomed to the sounds of lights, camera, and action and of course the jingle of money that they would feel at a loss without ads. At present their time is measured in money but without ads they would feel robbed of their riches. Instead of their smiling faces we would see them looking sad and depressed. After all it is the money power that keeps them going now.

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