Monday 27 April 2015

Celebrating life every day

Life is a mystery. No one knows whets in store for us in the future. When I was studying in school
I thought that I have plenty of life so what's the hurry. Then in college also life was fun and I never
understood the importance of what life meant. In those days if someone would have told me that we can celebrate life everyday, trust me I would never have believed them. For me celebrating birthdays, marriage anniversaries, weddings or some important event in our family would have meant an occasion to celebrate and rejoice. But today when we all have a fast track life buzzing with activity I realize that we should celebrate life in every moment. I got my enlightenment on my trip to Goa when I felt one with nature. Playing with the sea waves and basking in the sun was a rejuvenating experience.
I find my happiness in traveling. I feel alive as soon as I plan my vacation or go on a travel. Nature has provided us with many reasons to celebrate life. We have abundant greenery which soothes our nerves. The chirping of the birds reminds us that we should respect our Mother Earth and nurture her with our love and care. Now I have discovered my source of happiness.Being one with Nature I feel more content and satisfied. I make sure that I plan my vacations often to places that are resplendent with natural beauty and where I can explore new aspects of nature.
 Traveling has always been a rich source of education for me. I get to know about the new customs and cultures of my country or even foreign cities.
 Nature has so many shades that it always amazes me. I can spend unlimited time just watching the sea and the waves as they swirl and crash on the sandy shore. The changing shades of the blue sky make my heart happy. Different plants and flowers give me a new hope.
 A variety of birds give me company everyday, wherever I go I feel that my friends are following me.
 I have learned to celebrate life every day and in every moment of each day. I find that even very small things
 give me a reason for celebration. The first drops of rain falling on the ground makes my heart jump with excitement and I celebrate that moment by having hot pakoras and hot tea. I and my family sit together watching the rain and enjoying our monsoon treat. In summers we enjoy delicious and mouthwatering mangoes and watermelon.
Winters brings a reason to enjoy the peanuts and the sun's warmth. Nature has provided us with abundant
 treasure of reasons to celebrate life. I enjoy and relish each and every day of my life.

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