Saturday 13 December 2014

My Victory over fear

In my childhood I was a most carefree child ,always on the move never sitting still.As far as my memory goes, when I was barely three years old ,I was a most independent child.I never liked the idea of being dependent on any one be it for taking a bath or getting dressed up.I was very particular in selecting the dress I was going to wear for the day and would often reject my mother’s choice of clothes. I was a child who knew what I exactly wanted. I even refused help in the buttoning of my clothes ,which I did myself though in a  topsy- turvy manner. So as a child I was a happy contented, self willed and confident child who did not know what the word fear meant .Till date fear was a stranger for me as it had not yet touched my life and for me that something called fear did not exist.
It was my usual practice to get dressed and go out of the house and have a view of the passers by from the gate. Then one day I ventured out on the road lured by the long black stretch because I wanted to know what lay at the end of it. It was a mystery for me which fascinated me and make me walk out. I walked for a small stretch  and then stopped, thinking that I would explore further the next day. Made bold by my venture I again walked out on the road. I was walking jauntily all dressed up in my favorite dress ,unconcerned about the idea of the cars passing by. Suddenly there was a loud screeching of brakes behind me. I stood petrified, unable to move. An unknown strange feeling gripped me, which I later realized was fear. It had made me its prey, digging deep into my heart,making me numb and unable to move. I turned back  and saw a severe car crash and one of the cars had even caught fire.The drivers were profusely bleeding and it was quite a gory sight.Just then my mother finding me missing came rushing out of the house and picked me up in her arms. I snuggled close to her and closed my eyes .All my confidence came crashing down and I broke down into uncontrollable sobs.
 From that day onwards I started fearing fast moving cars and the screeching sounds produced by them. Now I knew what fear meant. There was no escape for me from it.
When my college friends talked of Formula1 Racing ,I knew that  I would never be able to go and watch this event. They even made fun of me calling me a coward. Then my mother came to my rescue and told me that fear was just a stranger and I had the power in me to throw it out of my system. She instilled in me a new confidence and told me that to be victorious I had to catch the bull by its horns. I became determined to do the impossible and decided to sit in a racing car. I soon got this opportunity as a company was giving a chance to a lucky few to enjoy a ride in their racing car. I got selected and knowing that this was the moment to prove myself I set off to attend the event. Surprisingly I did not even have an iota of that fear which had so long haunted me.
The organizers were doubtful that I being a girl could do it as many boys were looking squeamish and afraid. I knew that I could do it and felt very happy .The result was that seeing my enjoyment and happiness I was given the chance to do three laps instead of one.
I had defeated my enemy and was at last victorious. Praises were showered on me and every one looked at me with wonder. It was a feat no less than putting my flag on the Everest.

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