Thursday 18 December 2014

Let a Magical Vacation Unfold

Going on vacations means for us the elders a change ,a break from the routine but not so for the children. They are not satisfied with the ordinary. Their ever fertile imaginations are always on the look out for an adventure ,a thrilling experience. When planning a vacation with the children many things have to be kept in mind. Their expectations are huge and their fun loving spirit makes every moment special. After all such a vacation does not happen frequently, when your children are 24x7 with you and you can pamper them to your heart’s content while enjoying their presence. They make every minute more fun and meaningful, without any dull moment. They are like the fairies weaving a magical mantle around you.
I have the perfect recipe for making every vacation magical. The process starts by selecting the destination usually shortlisting a couple of them and giving the children an opportunity to select one from the list. This task makes the little geniuses put their heads together and after some excited discussions they come up with their choice.
After this is done comes the task of selecting that perfect place to stay which should be family friendly or rather children friendly and has all the facilities which would make the stay special and memorable for the kids.
There are several places which offer special activities for the children like holding workshops on pottery, painting and drawing and are going to be a sure hit with the kids. This would not only bring out their hidden talents by giving them a free hand but also keep them happy and pleasantly occupied. After all this is what we want, the best of both the worlds making both the parents as well as the kids happy. The children are like the rainbow spreading their myriad colors. When the children enjoy their joy is reflected on the faces of the parents. This is another important ingredient that goes into making the vacation magical.
This is the best chance to indulge in their favorite sports either by being an active participant or sitting back to see them enjoy. Their chatter and their laughter bring a complete change to the surroundings and the atmosphere making the days a time to wonder at the magic created by them and causing the ordinary and humdrum to acquire a special look. Listening to them recount their day’s experiences before going to bed makes us the parents feel that all the trouble had been worthwhile. These are the moments which are enjoyed by both the children as well as the parents and they make up the magical experience of the vacation more and more memorable. Before this vacation is over we start planning another magical experience because we want to grasp these magical moments of being with your children again and again.

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