Thursday 4 December 2014

Lufthansa's A380 the flight for every season

Lufthansa's A380 heralds a new positive change in the life of every Indian air traveller
There was a time when traveling by plane was for the exclusive few and considered a luxury but not anymore .Air travel has come out of the realms of luxurious exclusivity. Today India is vibrant and bustling with the spirit of travel. India is young at heart and ready to see the world
Travel was previously confined to buses and trains as they were pocket friendly. Today air travel is not limited to a certain class of people but it is within the reach of the middle classes also. Air travel is being used for work purposes like attending conferences .The biggest advantage is travel time has been greatly reduced due to faster planes. As a result the airports are bustling with people and a huge part of Indian population is airborne all the time.
This has put tremendous pressure on Indian air space. Passenger Jets are jostling for space. On busy airports air traffic is so high that they keep burning expensive air fuel as they wait for their turn to land. As a result they end up spewing more air pollutants into our air. 
The psyche of the Indian traveller has changed over the decades today we want to holiday and see the world. Over the years the education level of average Indian has increased and so has the buying capacity as a result we are keen to travel and see the world. So more and more Indians are traveling to far off lands on holidays.The number of qualified Indian work force that travel to foreign countries for work assignments and jobs has increased many fold over the years.
We Indians like to travel together “Hum saath Saath hain” (meaning we are all together) We like to travel with our family, and friends. A large number of people prefer group travel to foreign destinations. It gives us opportunities for bargain shopping , getting Indian food or taking an Indian Chef and an Indian tour guide creates an enhanced level of comfort for the Indian traveller who want’s to enjoy world class travel on his own terms. This makes large group travel affordable. The bigger aircraft carriers are the call of the day so that these groups  can be booked on the same plane. As fragmented groups on two or more planes can cause big co-ordination issues.
All this travel activity has increased the opportunities as well as put tremendous pressure on Indian Aviation so the solution is definitely to have bigger newer planes. To address  these issues Lufthansa has introduced the A380 planes in India.
Lufthansa's A380 : A bigger better plane that seats more passengers and is a marvel of technology
The new and bigger A380 planes will ferry more passengers thus  greatly reducing the number of flights taking off and landing at any point in time this will reduce delays in flights.

For the passengers it would mean bigger seating area so they would no longer be cramped for space. The seats of the A380 planes are more comfortable .These planes offer bigger spacious cabin .The interiors are chic and there is plenty of space for passengers to move about. 
There is better storage space for in-cabin luggage so looking for a space to keep your luggage in the over head hold would not be a  struggle any more. 
A380 offers Bigger Holds for Luggage
Bigger windows offer a better view of the outside and let in more natural light into the cabin thus helping the body’s inner clock to adjust better to the changing time zones. The outside view provides an added dimension to the entertainment factor as it offers spectacular enhanced aerial view that adds a new and natural dimension to the in flight entertainment. #LufthansaA380
The bigger windows of A380 

 Not to forget an improved and enhanced personal entertainment console.
The new and advanced Entertainment Console of A380

Lufthansa flights have always provided in flight food and catering to suit a variety of Indian tastes. 
The inflight catering is something that adds to the overall flying experience of the passengers and in the bigger better A380 flights it is going to get just better.

Carrying more number of passengers in a bigger plane that has better design and more fuel efficient engine would mean the fuel consumption per passenger would be lesser thus greatly improving the load factor. The passengers can rest comfortably with the thought that  their plane is contributing less in terms of carbon dioxide emission and they have a smaller co2 foot print.The A380 is specially designed to reduce fuel consumption. It has only two coats of paint as compared to the normal three. This reduces the weight of the plane and thus burns less fuel. It has four Rolls-Royce engines that are more fuel efficient and less noisy as compared to other planes in its class.
More information about Lufthansa's A380 can be found here the Lufthansa India website
In general we book an air ticket to travel with a purpose, however the experience of travelling in the A380 is cause enough to travel

A380 Timelapse video

All the images have been taken from the Lufthansa India website

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