Tuesday 18 November 2014

We owe every Babli a toilet #ToiletForBabli

We are one of the nations with the highest population. What is even more alarming is that out of this population 597 million people are still defecating in the open.
We are not living in dark ages ,we are in the 21st century and as a nation that is at forefront of technology one that takes pride in having carved a niche in the IT world and having sent an unmanned mission to the planet Mars. We are still struggling in providng one of the most basic amenities to our people specially the women the facility that I am talking about is a clean hygienic toilet.
            We all need clean toilets however an eye opening reality is that public toilets are hardly seen. They are wide and few and mostly dirty, unkempt and breeding ground of diseases .The situation is even worse in the rural areas . There people mostly use the open fields to answer the call of nature. This puts them in general and the women folk in particular at a great risk . They are exposed to hostile climate, hostile people and can only go out after dark or early mornings for lack of privacy.
The fecal matter is mostly left open in the fields. It rots ,stinks and becomes the feeding ground of disease causing organisms. Quite often it finds its way into drinking wells ,ponds,water streams and causes water borne diseases. This is another reason that cases of  diarrhoea are very common in rural areas. The flies sit on this fecal matter and carry the germs to open food articles . Thus infecting the people with various diseases. Who gets affected the most its often the female of the family “The Babli” who is always having loads of responsibilities and restrictions thrust upon her. She has little access to clean toilets ,and consequently more exposed to disease causing organisms . The lack of medical facilities only compounds the problem. Open defecation ,the fecal matter not being disposed off and becoming the breeding ground of disease causing organisms and pathogens and then its finding its way back into food articles by way of contamination forms a vicious circle. To break this chain of events, providing clean toilets and the education about hygiene are important steps that need to be taken. Domex, a HUL company has taken this initiative. They have started the #ToiletForBabli and they are going to build 20000 toilets by 2015.
We can all contribute to this cause by visiting http://www.domex.in/
Just “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.


  1. Privacy to answer nature's call is i think is a basic human right

  2. very well written!

    Meera Panigrahi