Saturday 29 November 2014

Main Bhi Montu Hoon So I support AbMontuBolega

Ab Montu Bolega ? But who is Montu? and what will he speak about? I believe that there is a Montu in every one of us. Montu is a voice in our Head that gives us a sense of doing right. Its also a thought in our heart that prompts us to stand against injustice.
Montu is M.O.N.T.U. i.e Minds Opinion Negating The Unsupportive oppression in peer groups,offices or any situation where there is more than one individual.
I See Montu as a free spirited child who is not afraid to speak out what is right. Our personalities as individuals are like layers of intertwined logic and emotions. At some level Montu is present in each one of us and tries to come out and speak up. It’s just fears of being rejected in a peer group , scolded or rebuked by a senior or someone in authority that one does not speak up or speak up powerfully enough. However these unspoken words do not die out but remain in our hearts and minds like that irritant in our throat that prevents us from speaking up freely.This irritant needs to be taken care off by being enabling us to voice our opinion and this voice must be acted upon. 

Talking on the phone while driving, Talking on phone or loudly in a theatre during a movie.

Spitting just about anywhere on the road. There are so many people who irk us by doing things that are not right . What are the options for us to respond in such situations?  Be a Bollywood hero or better still a Rajnikant inspired clone who comes and knocks the living daylights out of every eve teaser in every bus, or Makes any one spitting or littering the roads sweep ,clean and repaint the walls. This solution may work in a Bollywood plot however we need more realistic solutions in real life. We need our voices of concerns heard. Strepsils the company that has been making the lozenges that helps us fight and remove that irritation in our throats when we are unable to speak has come up with #AbMontuBolega campaign. In this campaign anyone can visit the site and speak their mind about issues that matter to us and are often supressed or ridiculed in friend groups or made fun off. One can use this site to make our voices heard by people in authority and civic bodies .The biggest power is the power of people that mobilizes the nation . So by posting the expressions of our inner voices on this site we are giving the Montu inside us the opportunity to speak up and express the thoughts. The thoughts can also be share on their Facebook and Twitter

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