Wednesday 19 November 2014

bring back the touch

Radha had a classic beauty and all the boys in her college were buzzing around her like honey bees around a flower.Radha had no time for them and did not even give them a second look.Her heart was somewhere else as it was captured by a shy guy by the name of Vipin.He was all the time engrossed in his books and was unaware that Radha had a soft corner for him.Then one day they chanced to meet in the library and as he picked up her books he chanced to touch her hand.He looked up and was mesmerized by her beauty and soft touch.Radha smiled at him and then started a love affair that was going to be the talk of the college for many years.
They graduated from the college and Vipin went abroad for his higher studies.Their only contact was the occasional telephone call which slowly reduced in frequency.
Here Radha was living a complacent life when one day she lost her parents in a tragic accident.She was devastated by the loss and soon the task of looking after her younger siblings,a brother and a sister fell on her.She had to look out for a job and soon the daily grind started to tell on her physical appearance.She was now losing interest in getting married as her heart was still with Vipin and she was afraid that he had lost interest in her. Moreover she had to take care of her brother and sister.One day she got a telephone call from Vipin telling her that he had come back for good and wanted to meet her.
Her joy knew no bounds but the next moment she felt sad .She knew that she was not a free bird anymore,she had to look after her siblings.Radha wanted to meet Vipin once again.She went and stood before the mirror,she saw a Radha who had become a shadow of her previous self.She could not meet Vipin looking like this.Everything was still not lost ,she had a weeks time before her meeting with Vipin.She opened her cosmetic box and took out the bottle of Parachute advansed body lotion.After four days she could see a visible change and on the seventh day her skin was soft and well nourished.
It was the old Radha again and as she stepped out to meet Vipin there was a smile on her lips.Vipin touched her hands and said that she had not changed at all,in fact she was looking even more beautiful than before.



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