Friday 14 February 2020


Love is in the Air !!!

Valentine Day is here guys.I wish all my dear friends who regularly read my blog a very Happy & Loving valentine Day.

A very dear and special friend asked me "What are you doing on Valentine Day?"
I said "Usual my work, as I dont have any valentine,Single".
My friend replied "Dont you Love Yourself.Get dressed nicely, Eat what you love and celebrate Valentine with yourself".
Wow!!! A great thought so I am dedicating my Valentine to this special friend.

As food is my Love so today I am exploring the food options available at my nearby restaurant.

There are many options and it was very hard to decide what to eat so I started with a plate of chola Bhatura

After a hot and delicious plate of chole bhature lets see what all options we have in sweets. I love to eat sweets.

What to eat and what to leave its a difficult task.
Then I decided to have a date with hot jalebis

Now my tummy is full.And I am feeling happy.Sweet happy.

If you are planning to go for a date with yourself or with your sweetheart.Here is the menu.There is a lot of delicious options available.

One can always have samosa, which is full of cashews.

One can surprise the loved one with heart shaped cakes 

Before you leave this food paradise I recommend you get this special burfee packed for your craving later.

Have a wonderful Time !!!

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