Tuesday 18 February 2020

Sarojini Nagar Market

My friends know me for my shopping skills.I love to travel and eat.The credit goes to my parents and brother.We all love to travel.I have travlled vastly in Delhi,India and abroad.Sarojini Nagar market is a heaven for shoppers.Online shopping and Malls have changed the shopping culture.I went to the market after many years and loved every second there.Things have changed but the spirit of shopping is the same.From clothes to jewellery, household products to food one can get almost everything.If you are a good bargainer its the place for you and if cant then contact me.

One needs to replenship energy after the shopping spree.
Dont forget to enjoy this sandwich dhokla and gulab jamuns at Square Mall which is exactly opposite the market, a new addition to the wonderful experience.

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